Mass Executions Of
Bird Flu Infected
Humans In China?
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
A Japanese news reporter just happened by my message board by mistake and was interested in learning about the Amantadine-resistant strains of bird flu.
Well, his background is in reporting on Chinese issues for a Japanese newspaper.
I answered his questions and then asked hin for information on the outbreak of H5N1 in Qinghai, China. It looks as though the Chinese news service Boxun is right on target.
In one translation, he describes how his Chinese news contacts regarding the 121 flu deaths have just disappeared...vanished.
From other reports and now his input, it seems entirely possible/probable that the Chinese government and PLA may be killing and burying genuine and suspected flu victims in Qinghai and adjacent areas. It also seems quite likely there are large scale internment/concentration camps for those who are suspected victims. (There is no doubt our satellites are watching all of this very, very closely - jr)
Here are the Japanese news reporter's emails for you to read. It does appear Dr. Niman was right on target...
From: Hyogo E Kenn
Subject: Washington Post article dated June 18th on Bird Flu and China's use of Amantidine
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005
Dear Patricia,
Hi, this is Kenn Hyogo writing from Tokyo, Japan.
I visited your website by accident, and saw the Washington Post artile together with your short comment.
I'm not a specialist in health issues, so the article looked very nice to me. Could you be kind enough to give me some clue why you don't like the article too much. Is it because the article provides good explanation on the process of use of Amantidine in China, but does not provide much "scientific" explanation on what the "outcome" was, how it influenced the livestocks' health?
I write articles on Chinese social issues, for a Japanese online newspaper called Nikkan Berita, but I do not have much knowledge on health issues. Please accept my apology if I am asking "silly" questions!!
Best regards,
"Patricia Doyle, PhD" wrote:
Respectfully, Kenn: It is a pleasure to hear from you. I thank you for taking your time to write and ask the question.
Influenza viruses are able to become antiviral resistant quickly.
An influenza virus has an 8 seqmented genome which enables it to recombine easily and also to develope new strains easily. H5N1 bird flu has become amantadine resistant already.
We saw ALL of the current Viet Nam strains have the mutation for amantadine resistance. When using Amantadine as a prophylactic to try to prevent influenza it actually *caused* the virus to mutate. It also does not work at preventing infecton.
I appreciate your visiting clickitnews/emerging disease site even by accident.
BTW, have you heard any news from Qinghai, China about military quarantines? There have been rumors from Boxun news that the military is in the area and soldiers are going from house to house seeking people with flu-like symptoms and removing anyone suspected of being sick at gun point...and taking them away.
I do not read Chinese and have to depend upon other translations of the website. Boxun newswas the first to describe the scene at Bird Island and the thousands of dead bar headed geese and other birds.
Then they broke a story about 121 people who died of flu. The Chinese government then forbade all news reports on the issue, and also prohibited any news reporters from doing research of the bird flu cases.
In March, Boxun reported suspected Ebola in China and now report Ebola/Influenza outbreak. I cannot verify the stories and would appreciate it if you can find any information or tanslate Boxun reports. (
Thank you again for writing.
Patricia Doyle
From: Hyogo E Kenn
To: Patricia Doyle
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005
Dear Patricia,
Thank you very much for your reply.
The 'Epoch Times' Japanese version handles the issue, but most of the news are from other sources, including Boxun. The following article carries some pictures of inspecters conducting quarantine at the suspected village. It says the lake town, normally a tourist place was closed for more than 10 days, and tourists are not allowed to enter. No other special news.
The following article dated May 27th reports death of 121 human being, but I believe this is based on news from Boxun. It says all the family member of the dead have disappeared, and cannot be found. It says quarantine is going on. It is interesting that the article says "various" livestocks have died from the flu. Is it possible for cows, sheeps and pigs to catch the flue?
The following article says 8 young people (Boxun News reporters - ed) were arrested, for disclosing information on the flu, and since June 5th, no further information is available.
The following article is about closed meetings in major cities e.g. Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. It says officials are on the highest alert status in China's history and suggests that the number of human victims might be big.
The meetings mainly handled two kinds of deseases. One was Ebola fever. Officials were instructed, all patiants or victims will be sent to military hospital. The other one was bird flue. The Media is prohibited to handle ANY news on these deseases.
The following article, you might have seen before.
Not much information is available, due to the reasons stated above. I cannot verify the information on soldiers visiting houses, but I can imagine it's very likely to be happening. Farmers wouldn't leave their lands so easily. I will try and ask some friends, but I think it's difficult to acheive new information.
Thank you again for your reply and explanation.
Best regards, Kenn
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