Needed - Hit Men
For The Truth
By Jim Moore
Every man wielding great power invariably has a "right hand man" defending him. His job is to fend off embarrassing questions, protect his flank, do whatever "dirty" work needs doing, take the heat, and keep the boss' image intact and his hands clean
And it doesn't matter which shoe the boss puts on first. He can be the CEO of a corporation, boss of a crime syndicate, or president of the United States. They all have a "right hand man."
Al Capone had Galluciano. Legs Diamond had Shultz. Ebbers had Sullivan. Reagan had Weinberger. Nixon had Kissinger. Clinton had Morris. Bush has Rove. The man behind the Man can be many things: adviser, coach, collaborator, fixer, confidante, even bodyguard. Call him what you will; to me he is nothing more than a political "hit man." Ready to do the boss' bidding, whatever that bidding is.
In neutralizing the verbal effluvium coming from this worthless, witless president, and his non-elected, war-hungry administration, (including his "hit man") I suggest that we, too, use "hit men" of our own to combat the smell of lies.
Ours will be "hit men" for Truth. They will be dedicated to digging out the facts wherever and however they can find them, and burying the liars and their lies once and for all.
With credibility an issue, our "hit men" must be people of integrity, character, loyalty, and unquestionable patriotism. Moreover, they must be able to communicate to America the unshakable Truth about this senseless war, this incompetent president, this out-of-control administration, and this gang of empire-happy rabble that has stolen our foreign policy and conned our House of feckless lawmakers into accepting this dangerous and unlawful situation.
For the "hit men" in our Truth Squad, I would recommend people like George Neely. You do not know Mr. Neely, but a letter he wrote to the Lodi website should remove all doubts as to his qualifications as a "hit man" for Truth.
Here is his letter:
"I am a retired Army captain. I fought in Vietnam with the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. I walked through the jungle carrying an M-16.
"Some people think that because someone does not support the war, they do not support our troops. That is just not reality. There might be some soldiers that believe protest equals lack of support, but the vast majority that I served with knew that protestors were trying to end the madness.
"Yes, we fought the war, but almost none of us wanted to be there. We stayed there and fought because that's what soldiers do. Thank God that while we were there doing that some brave people back here had the courage to stand up and say that war is wrong.
"Thank God they were brave enough to act on their convictions and stand up to a government that had lied to us. I applaud you! Maybe you could have treated me a little better when I got back, but that's another letter.
" I find incredibly offensive those who have never fought a war, never fired a shot at another human being, never been shot at or hunted, or never had to listen to a good friend scream in agony, sending or supporting the sending of our brave soldiers to war for lies.
"Look at the facts. There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There were no connections with the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. There were no reasons to go to war. You should be outraged.
"You want to support our troops? Keep them out of war and get rid of those who would put them in harm's way, unless absolutely necessary.
"Maybe we can't leave Iraq immediately because of the mess we created, but we should get rid of those responsible for the current situation.
"God bless our troops. I do not support the war, but I support you."
George Neely
Lodi, CA
If we had a few "hit men" like George Neely in our Truth Squad, maybe the war would soon end. Why do I say that? Because once you know the Truth about something there is no turning back.



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