Is There Raging Stage
6 Bird Flu Pandemic
In China???
By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
Recombinomics Commentary
The following is a translation of email messages appearing on July 20. Today, Boxan (Chinese news service) is providing a translation of part of the message, but a translation of the longer message (below) seems more appropriate, in light of the WHO warning based on new H5N1 bird flu outbreaks in Indonesia and Russia.
The following exchange appears to be between two students in southeastern Qinghai Province. The commentary is unconfirmed, but if true, would certainly suggest a stage 6 pandemic in China.
China has not responded to the WHO request to visit neighboring Xinjiang Province, which is just south of the recent outbreak in Novosibursk, Russia. The WHO visit to Qinghai raised serious questions about additional information of the H5N1 at Qinghai Lake.
Other Boxan news reports detail 10 strains of H5N1 circulating in China, including 7 that have been found in humans.
These data, if true, would point toward a massive cover-up of a raging bird flu pandemic in China...
Here is the translation of the email messages:
"Hey, are we going to war? Something's not right. I can see many armoured vehicles and soldiers with guns on the road. I can ever hear planes in the air. Rumor has it that they're from Yushu (i believe that this's a location, but i'm not sure which) Can someone please clarify what's happening?"
"They're over here, too. I can see hundreds of troops, many of whom are in full battle order. I'm from Yushu"
"I'm from Chengdu. Are you from the region where the bird flu was found?"
"I'm seeing the same thing here, too, in LaSuTung (translation, I think it's a Mongolian city). I've never seen so many planes in my entire life."
"It must be related to the bird flu."
"I thought "it" (the bird flu) was from the Qinghai region? It's here now? That's really fast."
"We'd better keep a low profile. My parents are asking me not to venture out. I can see troops in full battle order grabbing people. But I'm not sure why so."
"You're right, I can see troops and planes, too."
"It must be our comrades getting ready to attack Japan."
"It's such a mess here! We can't even sort ourselves out...what nonsense about Japan! These must be measures to deal with the bird flu."
(...2-3 irrelevant posts cursing the Japanese in general...)
"Hey, I can see troops in "white suits" and planes flying at low altitudes. If you can see them, too, can you please acknowledge?"
(5 posts agree/acknowledge)
"I see people being snatched out of their houses."
(writer curses & swears at everything and anything in particular - Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaopeng and the Bird Flu included)
"Let's see - YuShu, ChengDu, LaSuTung, Jie-Wu (and other locations which I can't read) all 'inaccessible' for the next few days? What the hell?"
"The troops are finally here. They're walking through the village (or town), checking the houses.
I should be fine since I don't breed any birds."
"It's ridiculous to think that they can drag people off the streets just because of the bird flu."
"I hear that they're snatching people whose names are on a printed namelist. They're only checking the houses of those in their vicinities."
"Hu Jing Tao & Wen Jia Bao have already said that to eliminate the bird flu, we must start by getting rid of the human cases. Only by getting rid of the human cases can transmission be stopped."
"I'm going to turn vegan from today onwards."
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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