Romania Reports
First H5N1 Cases -
Domestic Ducks
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
(Reuters) -- Romania reported its 1st case of avian flu in domestic birds in the Danube delta on Friday [7 Oct 2005], but did not say whether the virus was fatal to humans.
"We discovered today 3 cases of domestic birds which tested positive for the avian flu in the village of Ceamurlia de Jos in the Danube delta," Agriculture Minister Gheorghe Flutur told reporters. "They were 3 ducks in the yard of a peasant family."
Flutur would not comment whether the flu was the deadly H5N1 strain but said: "We will send the samples to Great Britain for a thorough analysis."
The minister said he imposed quarantine for 3 kilometres (2 miles) around the site and all domestic birds would be culled to prevent the disease from spreading in the environmentally sensitive delta, Europe's largest wetlands.
Flutur also said hunting was banned across the delta. Romania's Danube delta and lakes in northern Bulgaria are popular with flocks of red-breasted geese from Siberia as well as white-fronted geese from Scandinavia, Poland, and Germany.
The head of the country's veterinary watchdog agency Ion Agafitei said final results of the tests were expected in a couple of days, adding: "We may find a less risky strain or a more dangerous one."
From the above newswire it seems that the Romanian authorities are considering the detection of "positive cases" of avian influenza in 3 ducks as an outbreak, applying exceptionally severe control measures. It is not clear if this is an outcome of alarming clinical/laboratory findings or a reflection of precaution. More details, including clinical findings and the nature of the test applied, will be helpful. - Mod.AS
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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