H5N1 Wild Bird Flu
Conffirmed In Croatia

By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
"Samples from 12 swans found dead in a lake in Zdenci in eastern Croatia are reportedly being tested for avian flu amid fears that the lethal virus had reached the Balkans.
"Veterinary services have taken samples from the 12 swans and sent them to an institute in Zagreb to carry out tests for avian flu," the Hina news agency reported."
The swans described above have tested positive for H5N1 wild bird flu. This finding represents the western most confirmed cases in Europe (see map) and raise questions about the negative data being report by other countries in the region. The wild bird flu has created a wide path in Europe, and it seems that by now most countries have been affected, particular in southern Europe.
The inability of these countries to detect and report H5N1 wild bird flu is cause for concern.
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