Further Spread Of
H5N1 In Thailand
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
The National - Bangkok
Cases of suspected human infections are on the rise as villagers resist efforts by livestock officials to cull fowl. Avian influenza has spread to more than half the country, with 39 provinces reporting confirmed or suspected cases of fresh bird-flu infections. Last week, the authorities had just 21 provinces under close watch for bird flu, suggesting the virus is spreading rapidly.
Meanwhile, Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi, Suphan Buri and Kamphaeng Phet have been put on a list of provinces with severe bird-flu problems.
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"We are receiving more and more reports of fowl deaths," Jatuporn Kamchuen, the livestock chief of Kanchanaburi's Phanom Thuan district, said yesterday. Livestock officials were busy culling fowl suspected of contracting bird flu.
At the same time, he complained that officials were facing resistance from some villagers who had tried to prevent officials from taking their birds. "We need to raise people's understanding of the situation."
Last week, 2 residents of Phanom Thuan district became the latest confirmed bird-flu patients in the country. One has since died.
As of yesterday, 3 others in Kanchanaburi were on a list of people suspected of catching bird flu. Kanchanaburi public-health chief Surapong Tanthanasrikul said health volunteers were going to areas where bird-flu infections had been reported to check whether the disease had spread to any other people.
Samart Prasitphol, a senior livestock official in Kanchanaburi, said staff had set up checkpoints to enforce the ban on the movement of birds as a measure to curtail the spread of the deadly disease.
Thailand's most current follow-up report to the OIE, dated 25 Oct 2005, dealing with 5 new outbreaks in 4 provinces, is available at
The notification included the following comments:
1. Thailand has been conducting the current nationwide surveillance since 1 Jul 2005.
2. There was one more province (i.e. Nonthaburi) affected during this week.
3. In total, there were 64 positive cases confirmed in 8 provinces.
4. These 8 affected provinces are still in the Central Poultry Zoning of Thailand. The country has been divided into 5 poultry zones: Northern (9 provinces), Northeastern (19 provinces), Eastern (8 provinces), Central (25 provinces), and the Southern (15 provinces), for the effective movement control and farming management. - Mod.AS
Patricia A. Doyle, PhD
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