Jakarta H5N1 Patients
Form 2 Familial Clusters

By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
"That was sent by the pilgrim Asmah (65), the citizen Munjul, Cipayung, Jakarta East when being found Detikcom In the Infection Hospital (RSPI) Sulianti Saroso, Jakarta, Wednesday (19/10/2005).
The grandchild the pilgrim Asmah, Lubiana Astiyah (3), entered RSPI Sulianti Saroso struck 11.30 WIB. the Child the two daughters of the couple Dodi Irianto (32) and Heni (30) that already two days suffered hot, the cough and pilek.
"We worried birds flu." Therefore we immediately brought here without reconciliation because frightened late, said the pilgrim Asmah.
The worried Lubiana family was affected by birds flu because of the chicken that was maintained by the family many that died. According to the pilgrim Asmah, beforehand the neighbouring chicken around their house many that died..
the Father and the child were treated in the Infection Hospital (RSPI) Sulianto Saroso, Sunter, Jakarta, because of being expected by birds flu. The child, Zaki Zamzani (22), had the story of contact with the poultry. Whereas the father, Abdul Qodir Zaenuddin (63), not.
The two reconciliation patients from the Hospital (RS) the Pilgrim the Big Hut, Jakarta East, this entered RSPI since Wednesday night on October 19. Abdul Qodir entered more previously to struck 20.30 WIB, Zaki an hour later. The father and this child beralamat in Patria Jaya Housing, the Jasmine Hut, Bekasi."
The above translation descibe two sets of familial clusters admitted to Sulianti Saroso on the same day. The first two patients represent a larger cluster, because two additional family members have fevers, although not yet admitted. This family lives in the Cipayung region.
A second cluster was admitted later and they are from Bekasi where are large number of cases originate (see Jakarta Map). The admission of patients representing two distinct clusters is cause for concern. Many of the cases in Indonesia form familial clusters.
Four of the five "confirmed cases" based on the WHO definition, are from familial clusters with other laboratory confirmed cases.
The high frequency of familial cluster remains a cause for concern in Indonesia.
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