Romanian Swine Deaths
Caused By H5N1?

By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
"The fear of avian flu infection is still not high enough to make Ceamurlia villagers report that pigs also started to die. At least seven were found dead in the villager households during the last three days."
The above translation of a Romanian report of swine deaths in the same village, Ceamulia de Jos, where H5 wild bird flu was found is cause for concern.
The H5N1 sequences from Qinghai Lake had European swine sequences, indicating flu in wild birds had recombined with swine sequences in the past. The swine deaths in association with the poultry deaths is similar to the fatal swine outbreak in Sichuan, Chua, adjacent to Qinghai province.
The outbreak in China was said to be due to bacterial infections, but the possible involvement of H5N1 was raised because of the proximity to Qinghai Lake.
More information on the symptoms and cause of death in the swine would be useful.
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