Fatal H5N1 Case In Beijing?
By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
"It is reported this patient is a male, the about 35 years old, the family lives in the Beijing stability gate in the avenue side alley, is the Beijing local inhabitant. In this sickness others raises has the pigeon, is a pigeon amateur, has many years to raise the pigeon history. It is in 24th after the peaceful outside earth temple morning calisthenics suddenly faints the stable gate hospital which is escorted to by the periphery person approaches, in diagnoses is forced after the pneumonia by the hospital to shift to the Chinese and Japanese friendly hospital. Afterwards several will guard against the personnel once to have been to in the dead family to possess the pigeon to carry off and to carry on the strict disinfection, the personnel which the family member and once sent to hospital has also carried on the strict inspection. At present the hospital to the dead family member's death diagnosis is the acute pneumonia, official to has already carried on the serious political warning with the dead concerned personnel."
The above machine translation describing a fatal pneumonia case in Beijing is cause for concern.  Although H5N1 test results have not been disclosed. The sudden death of a young man (35M) who raises pigeons needs to be investigated further.  The number of outbreaks linked to wild birds in areas near Beijing has been steadily increasing (see map) and H5N1 in pigeons has been detected in other areas.
In addition to the bird deaths, H5N1 involvement in fatal human cases has been acknowledged and independently confirmed, increasing concern levels.  Similarly, there are also reports of pigeon deaths in Beijing.
More information on H5N1 in humans and pigeons in Beijing would be useful.
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