Former Military Assassin
And Green Beret In Vietnam
Wins Federal Libel Case Backed
By CIA And Pentagon

By Greg Szymanski
Col. "Dangerous" Dan Marvin, once asked to assassinate a military officer at Bethesda Naval Hospital holding damaging pictures of the JFK autopsy, has "stuck it big time" to the Pentagon brass.
With a recent federal court victory this week revealing hit squads and assassinations are accepted military policy, Col. Marvin fought off a long and costly legal battle for libel concerning statements made in his controversial 2003 book, The Expendable Elite.
After hearing evidence, the jury quickly decided in Col Marvin's favor after only deliberating two hours, coming back with a decision that essentially quashed any attempts by the Pentagon in calling him a liar by what was printed in his book.
"The most difficult part of the whole trial was that the Pentagon bribed and coerced some of my men to lie on the stand about what really happened in Vietnam," said Col. Marvin this week on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, where he emphasized the importance of the trial verdict, saying it was "an ultimate victory for the truth and for the American people."
"Originally, years ago when I started working on the book, I made tape recordings of the statements of my men in order to back up my story. We played these tape recordings to the jury and they believed I was telling the truth and not fabricating anything like the government contended."
The saddest moment of the trial, according to Col. Marvin, came when one his former men of Camp A-424 in An Phu, John Strait, took the stand, saying the tapes were fabrications and the incident reported in the book where Col. Marvin talked about saving his life from a mortar blast was also not true.
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