Holocaust Fundamentalism -
You WILL Believe
By Mark Green
You've seen the films.  You've read the books.  You've taken the courses.  You've heard the news.  Soon, your children will be visiting the museums.  Everybody knows it's true.  
The era of mandatory belief in The Holocaust has arrived.  Articles central to The Faith include unwavering commitment to Jewish casualty numbers with a full and complete understanding of the manner in which innocent Jews were gassed, murdered and executed in Nazi Germany.  Recalcitrant non-believers are now being rounded up.  The typical rhetoric goes: "these bigots deny the facts and lessons garnered from humankind's experience during WWII.  Their unique kind of poison will not be tolerated.  This is a democracy.  You are under arrest."
Only this is not a movie.  This is real.  
In Europe and North America, Holocaust skeptics are being apprehended, arrested and are now facing lengthy prison terms.  Few people have noticed.  Nobody's supposed to care.  Big media certainly doesn't.  Nor the politicians.  These Holocaust-denying apostates include British author and historian David Irving, Holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel, German chemist Gemar Rudolf, and others.  Their crimes involve disbelief:  they dispute the official version of events involving Jews during WWII.
In an era where nearly anything goes, why does the truth need special laws to protect it?  Curious, that.   
Beginning Jan. 27, 2006, and continuing every year thereafter, the United Nations will inaugurate its first annual Holocaust Remembrance Day.  This Israeli-sponsored resolution not only institutionalizes and broadens global sensitivity to The Holocaust, but it will surely aid in prosecuting individuals who reject official Holocaust dogma.  The State Church has arrived.  It's creed:  Holocaust fundamentalism.  
Question:  to what extent do these escalating measures have more than nothing to do with America's "special relationship" with the Jewish State, our war in Iraq, and our saber-rattling towards Syria and Iran?  Just curious.
Resistance to the global New Doctrine however is growing.  Among the arguments:
Laws regulating 'historical interpretation' are themselves a crime.  Take your Thought Control laws and shove it.
Primary question:  How many Jews died (and how many were deliberately killed) during WWII?  How do we know?
In how many Western Democracies is doubting the "correct number " of Jewish victims during WWII now against the law? (seven)
It's known that after the second world war, the Red Cross put the number of Jewish deaths at considerably less than one million.  That's still a lot of dead people.  Yes, it is theoretically possible that 6,000,000 Jews were killed during the war, but--forgive me--I sense a bold exaggeration.  
But aside from that, since when is skepticism a crime?  Where are the bodies, for instance?  May I have a list of names, please?
Even the Yard Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel, after 60 years, can only muster three million names, and many of those names are of Jews who merely died (or disappeared) during WWII, causes unknown.  Many names appear more than once.  In a similar vein, while the number of Jews murdered at Auschwitz was officially reduced by millions in recent years, the irreducible number of "six million Jews" remains.  Isn't it possible that there's some politically-motivated chicanery here?  
It is, after all, indisputable that some earlier "facts" regarding the Holocaust have been streamlined and smoothed out for popular consumption.  The lamp shade and human soap stories, for instance, have been quietly retired.  The secret dealings between Nazis and Zionists during WWII have been suppressed.  Another ignored fact concerns the lethal Typhus epidemics in the death camps.  Why have they been airbrushed from popular memory?   
One problem is that all the "experts" tend to be Jewish and show bias on the subject.  How many Germans died in WWII?  Five million?  Actually I'm not sure, since their suffering isn't supposed to matter and therefore their casualties aren't noted.  What was the total number of dead in WWII?--50 million?  How many have died in wars during the 20th Century?--275 million? (that's Zbig. Brezinski's estimate).  Considering this, even if six million Jews were deliberately killed during WWII, shouldn't we demand that the Zionized world stop caring so singularly about Jewish suffering?  The Jewish obsession with everything Jewish is shamefully narcissistic and burdensome.  Their defiant ethnocentrism is an ongoing insult to the rest of the human race.
As for the "un-revisable" six million figure, Jews have superstitious reasons pertaining to the number "six" for claiming that six million died.  In fact, similar charges about six million Jews were made, incredibly, in 1919, concerning the fantastic number of Jews facing death during WWI.  These nutty allegations were even published in the NY Times.  The claimants were Jewish.  
But why?  
Another reason Jews want to hype the number of victims is that they wanted to have the greatest causality count so they could claim supreme victimhood and reap the political rewards.  Holocaust lore is essential to the precarious legitimacy of the Jewish State.  Just ask the Palestinians.
But the Holocaust story as now told is a libel on the German people, since it pretends to show that German anti-Semitism sprang from nowhere.  But the real story is more complicated.  
Rightly or wrongly, the Nazis blamed the Jews for America's entry into WWI as well as the unjust and punitive Treaty of Versailles which followed.  It's also undeniable that international Jewry "declared war" (and launched an international boycott) on Hitler's Germany in 1933.  Even the outrage know as "Kristallnacht" was provoked in part by a Jewish assassin (Herschel Grynszpan) who, on November 7, 1938, walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot and killed Ernest vom Rath, a German diplomat.
We know, for instance, that soon after the turn of the century, Jews comprised many if not most of the leading political radicals in Europe.  They were instrumental in orchestrating and managing the Communist revolution which killed millions of non-Jews well before Hitler's rise.  Why aren't the Nazi-hunters interested in finding any of these mass-murderers?  Is it justice they're after, or revenge and political advantage? The "innocent little Jewish shopkeeper" archetype as peddled on TV is a self-exculpating myth.  
However, that Jews were persecuted and murdered during Hitler's reign is irrefutable.  I've never seen or read a Holocaust "denier" who claims otherwise.  Not one.  The extraordinary claim that "6,000,000 Jews were systematically murdered" is what they contest.  This deliberate mischaracterization of Holocaust revisionism has been spread widely and purposefully by keepers of the Holocaust faith.  And the disinformation continues to flow.
David Irving, the imprisoned author of dozens of works on WWII, is now alleged to have recently "recanted" some of his "Holocaust denial claims".  But his change-of-heart cannot believed so long as he is being held captive on account of his scholarship.  
One reader suggested that we call the search for truth in this matter "Holocaust factualism".  Good start.  Both teams in this historical divide are clearly inundated with advocates posing as scholars.  The entire investigation therefore has been rigged from the start.  At the same time, it can't be denied that those championing the Official Version are basically holding all the political cards and resources.  
But even if we accept their self-serving stories and invisible body counts, it's still outrageous that the Jews and their lackeys deliberately ignore all the non-Jewish fatalities in Hitler's "death camps".  Holocaust survivor, Bruno Bettelheim, writing in his book, "Surviving", notes that according to the Communists in East Germany in 1945, as many as 11 million died in Hitler's gulags, of which 5.5 to six million were Jewish.  This means that, according to Bettelheim, it's possible that as many as half of Hitler's concentration camp victims were gentiles!  Where are the monuments to these innocent people?  Why is their story being suppressed?  Or should we now direct this Kosher Inquisition towards Bruno Bettelheim?
Whatever your view on the casualty count (or the disputed gas chamber stories), the focus must return to the core issue:  intellectual freedom.  
Historical truth doesn't need to be protected by any special law or speech code.  Irving, Zundel, Rudolf and others, need and deserve our unwavering support if we intend to remain even nominally free.   
                                     # # #
 Mark Green is an independent producer and  co-founder of  He  lives in California.  He can be reached at



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