Illuminati Up To Its Dirty
Tricks And Deception Campaign
With Nerve Gas Scare &
Outrageous Mohammad Cartoons
By Greg Szymanski
Don't believe for a second the nine Alabama church fires, the scurrilous Mohammed cartoons and the retaliatory holocaust depictions are random acts of hatred and violence.
Put in the mix Thursday's nerve agent scare, clearing out a U.S. Senate office building, and what's happening worldwide is a good old fashioned psy-ops fear and hate campaign, geared at raising the public's tension thermometer to a boiling point to prepare the West for a nuclear war against Iran and Islam.
The Illuminati's evil worldwide hate campaign to enrage the world into is now in full swing, as the Luciferians attempt to pit religions and societies against one another by stirring up a caldron of contrived hatred.
For example, the Alabama fires of both white and black congregations have grown from six churches burned down to nine, which just so happens to be one of the most important Illuminati secret code numbers.
Couple that with the fact all nine fires, linked now by authorities to the same perpetrator, all strangely occurred about 25 miles south of Birmingham, which just so happens to be right near the 33 rd
longitudinal parallel, 33  of course being the most important number in Illuminati scheme of things.
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