International Jurists From
14 Countries Trying To Nail
Bush And His Killer Cronies
For Illegal Murder & Torture

By Greg Szymanski
The Bush killing machine is no secret overseas, as a coalition of legal experts based in Canada want to put Bush and his band of renegades behind bars. Too bad American jurists don't have the guts to do the same!
If a group of prominent international jurists get their way, a little known Canadian lawsuit could finally spell the end to President Bush and his killer cronies.
It is no secret the Bush administration has libeled and defamed the American people's good name, flaunting international law while torturing and slaughtering millions of innocents worldwide.
In fact, the Bush administration's "arrogance and bully-like swagger" when it comes to ignoring long-recognized, established principles of international law has become an utter embarrassment, changing America's longstanding motto of the Land of the Free to a country wrapped tightly in chains called the   "Home of the Neocons."
Adding even more embarrassment is the sad fact that any serious legal battle to stop Bush in his tracks from ripping apart the country has not come from American jurists and lawyers, but from legal minds living abroad.
And in response to Bush's illegal torture and killing, ask the insane question why Americans have to look abroad for any legal help?
But that is exactly what is happening when looking at an obscure Canadian lawsuit where a group of international jurists are trying to come to the rescue of American citizens by mounting an attack on Bush and his band of killers, the foreign group of lawyers trying   to stop Bush in his tracks while others in America have failed to even try for fear of retaliation.
The group of highly-respected jurists, called Lawyers Against the War (LAW), is a committee of international legal minds from 14 different countries, a group who banned together in 2001 to oppose the illegalities of the Bush administration's so-called "War on Terror."
And this week in Vancouver, Canada, the Canadian-based legal group filed appeal papers, challenging what they call "the corrupt ruling" and recent dismissal of torture charges filed against Bush in a previous lower court case dismissed in Canada.
The appeal, filed this week,  is set to be heard later in the year in a British Columbia Court of Appeals.
Although the American mainstream media gives little attention to foreign cases and legal groups critical of Bush, LAW's spokesman said this week the American people need to be apprised of the "overwhelming wordwide consensus" among legal scholars and practicing jurists that Bush and the American leadership should be jailed for international criminal law violations, including murder and torture.
LAW co-chairperson Gail Davidson said the recent lower court ruling, dismissing Bush of any wrongdoing since he is a head of state, was improperly interpreted by the lower court while the immunity issue concerning Bush needs to be revisited.
"This is an important stage of the case, which most Americans have no idea about," said Davidson after filing court documents last week. "LAW is seeking to have Canadian laws properly interpreted and applied and the two lower courts have not allowed a proper hearing of the immunity issue."
Davidson added that "the Notice of Appeal lists numerous legal and factual errors committed by two lower courts that have so far heard only preliminary arguments in the case."
The errors she cites includes the December 6, 2004, ruling by Judge William Kitchen that Bush is immune from prosecution because he is a sitting head of state, as well as the December 19, 2005, ruling by the Supreme Court of B.C. that the prosecution was "an abuse of process," the real intention of which was "to use the criminal procedure as a forum to express political views."
However, in response to the lower court's interpretation on the grounds of abuse of process, LAW co-chair Michael Mandel categorically denied the case has been filed for "strictly political reasons."
"Canada is obligated under Canadian and international law to act effectively to prevent and punish torture, including the torture occurring at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, and LAW has taken legal steps to enforce Canadian law," said Mandel.
The White House has refused to comment on the Canadian case and the filing of the recent appeal, stating only numerous times that Bush has always been acting in the best interest of America and its fight against the "War on Terror."
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