Unconfirmed Former
Congressional Candidate,
Catholic Seminarian & Federal
Prisoner Now Exposing
Big Brother's Evil Ways
As a Novelist

Mike Palecek spent time behind bars for protesting against nuclear weapons in the 1980's. Released in 1989, he's now writing novels using his religious beliefs as guideposts in searching for the truth in a country corrupted from top top bottom. His latest book, Looking for Bigfoot, is well worth reading.
By Greg Szymanski
Mike Palecek knows what it's like to be harassed, convicted and thrown in the slammer for doing what's right. He knows the pain of having to look at life from behind bars, thinking night after night how he was wrongfully accused.
Palecek, a country boy from a small town in Iowa who writes for a living now, has had Big Brother breathing down your neck since the 1980's when all he did was openly protest nuclear proliferation at a military base, a First Amendment right protected by the Constitution.
But a small thing like freedom of speech never has stopped the state before when it decides to shut somebody up, especially when it involves trying to take away its biggest toys ­ nuclear weapons.
"Bad boy, Mike," said Big Brother, finding Palecek guilty of trespassing several times, meriting in the state's eyes two separate six month terms and a couple other shorter stints.
Time after time the state kept finding legal technicalities and trespassing violations, using heavy-handed legal tactics and tons of taxpayer money to teach Palacek and others like him a sad lesson in life that "it doesn't pay to fight city hall even if you're right."
Although Palecek learned the hard way, his spirit never was broken and he is still alive, kicking and fighting corruption in any way he can.  
But instead of protesting on the picket line, he's channeled his outspoken contempt for Big Brother through his writing, first as a journalist and now as a novelist with the completion of his sixth book called "Looking for Bigfoot."
"It's a novel about an alternative radio broadcaster who travels the country looking for the truth," said Palecek this week on Greg Szymanski's radio show, "The Investigative Journal on the Republic Broadcasting Network as
Even though the title is a bit deceiving, "Looking for Bigfoot," as described by some book critics is about fighting back and making important life choices, hinging on good or evil and right or wrong.
The book, written in a free-flowing style with each of its many small chapters beginning with an important quote from either well-known or obscure figures, delves into current events, attempting to bring out in the open the massive corruption and rampant lying within the policies of the U.S. government.
Weaving a tale of a man traveling the heartland searching for truth, Palecek asks the important question: "How can we make a difference in the face of incredible corrupt power?"
"There are those in America who know that this is not "the home of the free and the brave" long before Abu Ghraib," said Palecek. "Those people are the poor, the prisoner, the activist, the immigrant, anyone who has found himself face to face with the real, ugly face of America: the judge, the prison guard, the soldier, the policeman. And Mike Palecek, Federal Prisoner No. 11936-047.
"After that I went 'insane' in jail - "or maybe it was just a very, very deep depression or post traumatic stress disorder from previous prison experiences forcing me to retire from civil disobedience, so to speak, deciding then to go into journalism and then to novel writing."
And it's been a long, long and winding road for Palecek ever since growing up Norfolk, Nebraska, the town where the famous talk show host Johnny Carson was born.
Before settling into writing novels, Palecek's varied experiences also depict a man searching for truth in his own special way as he has tried it all, as they say, from high school football star, going into the seminary as well as taking a shot at politics, running for Congress as an Iowa Democratic Party nominee.
He also ran as a write-in candidate in 1998, and announced his candidacy by walking from the Air National Guard Base in Sioux City to the base in Fort Dodge to protest the bombing of Yugoslavia by then-President Bill Clinton.
"Right now I am trying to balance raising a family with what is going on in the corrupt government and it's not easy," said Palecek, who has also began working on his next novel from his Iowa home.
From the beginning, Palecek who was a former Catholic seminarian in St. Paul Minnesota, bases his dissident actions on his strong religious beliefs, saying that money used for the mighty U.S. war machine should instead be channeled to the poor, health care and education.
"Because I have been there, walked down small-town Nebraska and Iowa and Minnesota main streets and huddled in the dungeon intake cave of Leavenworth Penitentiary, I have survived to tell the unfortunate tale that the birds on our lawn are chirping out of tune," said Palecek.
"The world is not as we think it is. Our Presidents and congressional yes-men are not heroes. The real heroes in our military are those who refuse to kill, who go to Canada. The poor are not poor because they are lazy. Our prisons do not protect us.
"Voting for the Democratic Party is not nearly enough, as their succession of candidates lay down and play dead under the thumb of a terrorist political machines. We are keeping ourselves free by killing people around the world. Remember, evil men will do anything to gain power, riches, glory and fame."
"There is good news. Now we know. Freedom is not slavery and daily deception does not make us free. We can truly be free only when we have the truth. These freedom fries they have been selling us have only made us sick.
"But we can get well now and live as God truly intended us to live, not under the whip of the American rich and powerful, but with the enlightened wonder of this great creation called earth."
Looking at Palecek's latest book with an eye on the crooked federal justice system, another federal political prisoner, David Van Thournout of Dubuque, Iowa, has d this to say after reading "Looking for Bigfoot:"
"Mike's most recent work is nothing short of a worldview shattering slice of reality. It will enrage and embolden you to come forth and play your part in the unfolding of the future in America.
"Mike succeeds in showing us small town America in an objective light revealing justice inverted as it often is. People who should be in prison are not and those fighting in the name of justice become the recipients of this inverted justice.
"A more accurate picture of the for profit nature of the criminal justice system is not often found in today's literature. Being a former federal prisoner for my own political view I find this book a particularly refreshing light into the dark direction this country is
currently moving."
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