Bird Flu Reaches Istanbul

Bird flu has been detected in dead chickens in Istanbul, confirming the westward movement of the virus, which has already killed 3 people in eastern Turkey, officials said on Sunday [8 Jan 2006].
Samples from chickens found dead in the district of Kucukcekmece, on Istanbul's European side, tested positive for avian influenza, but it was not yet clear whether it was the lethal H5N1 strain, agriculture ministry spokesman Faruk Demirel said.
Istanbul is the westernmost point of Turkey in which the virus has been detected since last month [December 2005], when it resurfaced in remote regions, some 1500 km to the east.
The 1st outbreak, in a fowl farm in the northwest, was successfully contained in October 2005.
The 3 deaths from the H5N1 strain in Turkey last week [1st week January 2006] marked the 1st human fatalities from bird flu outside Southeast Asia and China, where the disease has killed more than 70 people since 2003. 7 other Turks, all but one of them children, have been confirmed as H5N1 carriers, including 3 cases in the capital Ankara. Earlier on Sunday [8 Jan 2006], officials reported cases of bird flu in 2 other western regions: Zonguldak and Yozgat. [See commentary further; an administrative map of Turkey available at <>].
The agriculture ministry said bird flu among winged animals had now been confirmed in 10 of Turkey's 81 provinces.
Zaman Online - Turkey
Bird flu cases were detected in Erzincan and Bitlis after it was found in Agri, Kars, Van, Yalova, Ankara, Igdir, Erzurum and Sanliurfa, informed Mehdi Eker, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Early on Saturday evening [7 Jan 2006], the Kahadir village of Bursa was put under quarantine.
Yozgat: Measures were increased over the deaths of birds in 4 villages of the Akdagmadeni district. Almost 2 500 birds were killed. 3 were hospitalized at the Hospital of Sivas Cumhuriyet University as a precaution against possible bird flu stroke.
Sanliurfa: A 13 [year old], transferred from Siverek to Diyarbakir and hospitalized at the Hospital of Dicle University, remains in critical condition and is receiving intensive care.
Siirt: 5 children from the [same] family were hospitalized at the Research Hospital of Dicle University on suspicion of bird flu infection. The family, residents of the Celikli Village of the Baykan District, lost their chickens 4 days ago.
Agri: 5 were transferred from the districts of Diyadin and Tascay to Erzurum on suspicion of the bird flu infection. The number of animals killed increased to 27 843.
Erzurum: All the fowls in 3 villages and 10 small districts were killed as part of the quarantine policies applied in the district of Horasan.
Bitlis: The Bird flu strain was detected in the Aydinlar area of the Adilcevaz district. Samples taken from the pigeons that died 2 months ago were sent to Bornova, Izmir. The pigeons were diagnosed with the bird flu strain. No fowls were let either in or out of the city.
Ankara: After the bird flu was detected in 2 ducks in Nallihan town of Ankara a crisis desk was established. About 10 people who brought the 2 ducks with bird flu to the agriculture headquarters of the town were sent to the hospital for control. No illness was detected in these people.
Van: Reportedly 3 813 poultries were massacred in Caldiran town and 55 000 more poultries will be massacred to prevent the spread of the illness..
Igdir: 2 children were reported to be sent to Erzurum for bird flu possibility. Quarantine is being applied throughout the boundaries of the city.
Yalova: No bird flu virus was detected in the 7 member family, 5 of whom were children, in Istanbul Haseki Hospital. Istanbul Health Manager Mehmet Bakar explained the children did not have bird flu virus but regular influenza and they were discharged from the hospital.
ProMed Mail
In another newswire submitted by Mary Marshall , the following information is added: "The bird flu virus has been found in twelve provinces and is suspected in a further seven.". Information on the names of the provinces was not provided in that newswire.,,25149-1976866,00.html - Mod.MPP

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