Deadeye Dick (Soused?)
Blasts Hunting Host
If Stupidity was Impeachable, Cheney'd be History
By Dave Lindorff
Deadeye Dick, vice president and regent of this great nation, set out to shoot himself a quail in Texas this weekend, swung around and unloaded his shotgun at his host, Harry Whittington, this weekend, sending the unfortunate and no doubt surprised man to the hospital, his face and chest full of shot.
It was vintage Cheney when you think of it.
With the country loaded and on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, Cheney and his neo-con gang swung the army around and fired at Saddam Hussein and Iraq, leaving that country staggering and massively wounded. Like the quail he took his eye off of, Osama and his gang are free aswell, birds, plotting more mayhem.
Meanwhile, Deadeye Dick, having created a bloody mess in Iraq, has already gotten his ward President Bush to swing around towards Syria and Iran. He and Bush have already decided they've spent enough on "rebuilding" Iraq, so now they're about to blast Iran and/or Syria.
If Iraq is any indication of this man's sense of responsibility and willingness to pay for his mistakes , Whittington better have some good insurance--either that or a good lawyer. Cheney's liable to just split and leave Whittington with the bill.
I guess, given the Vice President's demonstrated skill with a gun, we should probably be glad he ducked the draft and missed Vietnam. He probably would have ended up being one of those dumb bozos who were responsible for all those "friendly fire" casualties over there.
Which raises the question: Was the VEEP, like so many tough-guy hunters, juiced-up for this hunt? That would add the element of negligence to his basic stupidity.
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