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Laboratory tests on blood samples from 4 dead chickens and one ailing chicken in Batam have shown that they carried the bird-flu virus, a local government official said here on Saturday [11 Mar 2006].
Jusak, an official of the local marine resources, fisheries and agricultural service, said the discovery meant that the deadly disease had already reached Batam, the country's oldest industrialized zone.
He said that how the virus had come to Batam was still unknown but that it was believed the source of the infection was wild birds.
The blood sample from a sick chicken in Kampung Tiban Koperasi in Sekupang had also tested positive for the H5N1 virus.
In view of the discoveries, Jusak said his office had called on all parties, particularly poultry farmers, to increase cleanliness at their farms.
"Fortunately, until now, the virus has not claimed any human life here. But we have to be alert to the danger," he said.
(Batam is one of the islands in the Riau Islands province of Indonesia, 415 sq/km, with about 600 000 inhabitants. The island is located about 20 km south of Singapore, a mere one hour ferry ride away; map at - Mod.AS)
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