Port Deal 'Pull Out' Is
Phony - Dubai Will
STILL Be Owner

From Cheryl Seal
So we are all supposed to click our heels, grin and give Bush a big ole thumbs up in the next approval poll because he tossed out a bogus bone: The Dubai Port deal "pull out."
The Bushie media are spouting this story as if Bush had "given up" and Dubai Port World had withdrawn from the deal. But look again. DPW is only turning operations over to an American holding company. They are STILL the guys "behind the curtain." This smells very much like a back room deal worked out by Bush and his pals in Dubai/UAE. Just tell let 'em think they won - meanwhile, it'll be the same company, different name on the door.
AP (A.merican P.ropaganda) and Reuters (Neo Con News) both immediately cranked out misleading stories with even more misleading headlines to aid Bush - their bilge was quickly picked up and smeared around the world.[see my expose of these two sorry excuses for news sources later this week] But fortunately, there are some publications where real news can still be found.
Here's the real story from Forbes:
"In what could be a last-ditch effort to salvage its deal to operate East and Gulf Coast ports in the U.S., DP World told Congress that it would agree to transfer control to a "U.S. entity," which could simply mean a subsidiary of the Dubai operation.
"In a statement, first read on the floor of the U.S. Senate by Virginia Republican John Warner, DP World said the decision was made to "preserve the strong relationship between the U.S. and the U.A.E." But in fact, it sounded suspiciously like a device carefully crafted by DP World's huge team of lobbyists and lawyers to salvage the deal in some fashion.
"The new entity is supposed to have an American board and American managers, but the ownership was still questionable. Or, as New York's Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer observed, "the devil is in the details." If DP World is in fact merely planning to put its U.S. assets under a U.S.-managed subsidiary with oversight from a U.S.-staffed board, it would be following in a long line of foreign suppliers of defense technology to the U.S.
"This looks like a variant of that," says Clyde Prestowitz of the Economic Strategy Group in Washington. "
Compare this to the intentionally vague and misleading AP crap:
Fortunately, not everyone in Congress is a clueless cluck. Rep. Peter King (NY) wasn't so quick to swallow the bait and said he would reserve any celebrations until he saw the details of the deal. And he's wise to wait - one of the warning signs was Bush brown-noser Bill Frist's too-quick observation: "This [alleged pull out of DPW]should make the issue go away."



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