CBS News Reveals Microwave
Weather Control Experiments - Pt 2
By Margareta-Erminia Cassani

In the second of CBS' Special Reports series "Eye on America", correspondent Jerry Bowen reported on the joint interest of The U.S. Department of Defense, Sandia Research, and The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in weather control experiments - namely those championed by Dr. Bernard Eastlund, a former Star Wars physicist who claims he can dismantle a raging tornado with a microwave beam shot from an orbiting satellite in outer space.
From his home in sunny Del Mar, California, a place that's never had a tornado occur there, Eastlund explained how by directing a microwave beam into the cold downdraft of a tornado, he could dissipate the funnel and render it harmless, thereby saving thousands of lives and property. Sounds great on paper, or rather on computer generated model, but Eastlund's theory has several drawbacks, the most immediate being that of potential air traffic catastrophes of both the animal and human kind - birds and airplanes could explode in mid-flight if hit by a microwave beam.
Dr. Stephen Schneider, a global warming expert at Stanford University offered a strong warning for FEMA and Sandia Research, as well as both the European Space Agency, who funds Eastlund's on the edge research, and NASA, if they're going to continue to pursue microwaving Mother Nature: "You better have a fund in place to pay the people who get hurt when anything goes wrong, without arguing whether you did it or not because you'll endlessly argue whether you did it or not".
Another critic of Eastlund's theory is scientist John Monteverdi of San Francisco State University who claims that Eastlund's unproven and untested theories might work okay in computer models but in reality he's crossing into dangerous waters and that his tornado nuking experiments might just make tornadoes worse. "We just don't know enough about the workings of these supercells to start fooling around with them".
But, Eastlund defends his "brain storm" idea of shooting a microwave beam into a tornado as nothing more than a "souped up police radar beam".

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