Can Bird Flu Be Beaten?

By Rick Ackerman
I am fortunate to have as a pen-pal a guy who has tracked the global bird-flu menace closely enough to understand it in ways that the news media evidently do not. He got my serious attention a while back with some interesting (and so far, profitable) thoughts concerning which stocks to short ahead of an all-but-inevitable bird-flu panic. Is it possible for one guy to know more than all of the newspapers and magazines that have been covering the story? I'd say yes, since I was in much the same position myself a few years back, covering the mounting Y2K juggernaut for clients of a high-powered research firm.
Inveterate doomsdayist that I am, after three years of exhaustive fact-gathering I was nonetheless able to predict as early as mid-1999 that a sunny outcome lay in store for planet Earth. Having interviewed many hundreds of information-system honchos in health care, manufacturing, banking, electrical power, transportation and other sectors, and having learned in intricate detail about the remedial steps they were taking, I became absolutely confident that the dreaded midnight hour would come and go with nary a significant incident. And so it did.
With regard to the bird-flu threat, my pen-pal, Erich Simon, appears to be similarly on top of the facts. He has not only been gathering and organizing huge amounts of data, but parsing the details in such a way as to buttress intuitive conclusions. I've reprinted his most recent letter below, but let me caution you that this is scary stuff. Indeed, the more one knows about bird flu and the steps being taken to prevent a pandemic, the more acutely one comes to understand how easily this diabolical virus could defeat our best defenses.
Research 'Ritual'
Here's Erich:
"Three months before H5N1 came across my radar screen, I e-mailed my ex, now living in Aspen, telling her that this was going to be the flu that would kill off a quarter to a half of the world's population. While I knew that the 'bird virus' had been around before, I paid attention -- as I always do with such outbreaks, including SARS ­ that these were always localized events with impact on certain sectors like tourism and various overseas financial markets, but not significant enough to change my life. Still, because of the unusually lethal nature of H5N1, my research into the subject has became a daily ritual.
"It made sense at the time that this was a naturally occurring phenomenon. After all, with human overcrowding in proximity to animals, AIDS set the stage for speculation about such conflagrations. But the way in which this flu is being spun by the news media, and handled by the government, suggests nothing so much as incipient panic-control. We are now being officially instructed to stockpile tuna and powdered milk. For our benefit? It sounds ludicrous, since the virus will come home from school with your children, or from the office, clinging to your spouse; or through the air ducts in your home. Sounds to me like a way to keep the masses indoors, locked down in fear, to curtail rioting and such until the virus has run its course.
Eye of Hurricane
"And this grace period that we now find ourselves in? It's like the eye of a hurricane, a time to ramp up vaccine production when, early on, the ramping up is now revealed to have been nothing more than a myth. And the talking heads who would deign to put facts behind the futility of any measurable health response have been silenced. Early estimates were that it would take three years to use antiquated vaccine technology (i.e., chicken eggs) to protect even a small percentage of the U.S. citizenry, and that no vaccine could even be attempted until the virus had mutated. The flu strains are quite specific and apparently endless in their spectrum.
"Then, there was 'official' shock when it dawned on the talking heads that, even if we could vaccinate as much as 20 percent of the U.S. population within three years, it would be physically impossible to accommodate even 2 percent of the Asian world. Having exported our manufacturing base overseas, the U.S. would face anarchy no matter how many survived here.
"Meanwhile, the bungling White House has been kept in the dark, although the official plan is for our nation's leaders to retreat into an underground bunker (i.e., Air Force One), where vaccine will most certainly be available to them. Some months ago there was an emergency meeting in the White House, a fire drill -- the first of its kind so far as I know -- and it was to 'make the hard decisions relating to H5N1.' The President and Vice President were purposely excluded, and the four-hour session was restricted to just 22 individuals. All other information was held in utter secrecy. We know only that the meeting took place, and that the tuna-and-powdered milk pamphlets were disseminated shortly thereafter.
Flu as 'Agent'?
"Can we rule out the possibility that bird-flu is being used as an agent of destruction? Unfortunately not. For, what better way to eliminate an enemy, or an entire human population, than via the global migratory-bird thruways? To avoid culpability, H5N1 would 'originate' in a place as far away as possible from the locus of death. It would have  to kill quickly, as indeed it does. First reports had victims dying in a week; now, they are dead within a day of becoming symptomatic. Moreover, a growing number of deaths involve victims who had no contact with birds.
"With the technology revolution of the past ten years, it seems likely that government virologists have developed vaccines that can be produced by means other than the antiquated chicken-egg method. There is a race in genetic manipulations by a lot of biotech gold diggers right now. It would be naive to believe that the government has not developed genetic based vaccines and that these are not standing ready no matter what the pandemic.
Romanian 'Cure'
"Of course, much of what I'm saying will be shrugged off as pure rubbish. That's why I will need to buttress my suspicions with all the hard facts I can dig up. At this point there is too much to speculate. I am sending you this letter only because the whole thing is getting stranger and more contradictory by the minute. There are common threads of calamity, but no one can keep their stories straight. Now there's a 'cure' -- from Romania, of all places -- and it appears that foreign governments are embarking on their own campaign to quell overseas panic.
"While I seriously doubt that terrorists are connected with the flu's spread, I cannot rule out those at the highest level of our global power regime. That is, the guys above the President -- the same ones who finance wars for profit. I'm not attempting to extrapolate a conspiracy theory, but there's something fishy about how this is all going down. Someone running our government understands ­ knows ­ that this is a VERY big event.
"The virus is amazingly deadly. You inhale a microbe and it multiplies in the back of your throat like crazy. It moves into your lungs and kills you by knocking out your immune system. If I was going to design a population-killer, this would be my first choice.   
Canned Tuna
A year ago, I  bought a whole lot of canned tuna because of my newfound fear of an Avian Flu pandemic. I have been following this issue since, and  now the government is telling people to buy tuna! It made sense to me back then. But now it doesn't because I've had a year to cogitate. And it makes me wonder if a whole lot of people are gonna get blindsided.
"Because none of this has been thought out. Our emergency preparedness that supposedly sprung into modern times after the YK scare doesn't even exist. It's like the government's running on empty, half the voters on one side, half on the other, and politics and corruption right in the middle. Just what you'd expect if you were living like there was no tomorrow. And all these disaster movies bombarding couch potatoes into a sleepy walk over the cliff. It's bizarre in its timing and confluence."
Bob Hamrick
The article never answers the question it asks, and adds nothing to the store of relevant information already available on the Internet. However, the short answer is , "Yes. It can be beaten." The longer answer requires some groundwork, first.
1.) Vaccines are useless as a means of accomplishing their stated purposes. They serve only to transfer wealth to the owners of pharmaceutical companies, strengthen the political power of the elites, and kill off masses of the "useless eaters" (us) they so despise.
2.) NO "virus", bacterium, or fungus can infect and kill anyone who has an uncompromised immune system. This latest designer-engineered pandemic will ONLY be "beaten" by INDIVIDUALS who take whatever dietary and/or lifestyle changes they need to, to bulletproof their God-given immune systems.
3.) Access to effective anti-viral supplements, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and information concerning same is therefore ESSENTIAL to the survival of individuals, which is why the government is trying so desperately to limit all of these.
Bob Hamrick
Palm Coast, FL



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