Bird Flu Shows Up In Sudan
Xinhua via People's Daily Online
Cases of bird flu have been found in the capital Khartoum and nearby Jazeera state, an official of the Sudanese Ministry of Animal Resources announced on Tuesday.
"Laboratorial tests have confirmed the existence of bird flu cases in Khartoum and Jazeera," Ahammed Mustafa, undersecretary of the ministry, told reporters.
Both Khartoum and Jazeera are known for large-scale agricultural and animal enterprises in the largest African country.
ProMed Mail
As long as no lab confirmation is available, the status of H5N1 in Sudan has to be regarded as "suspected". However, it will be surprising if the disease is absent from Sudan, a country where human infections might occur as well. If confirmed, the question might be whether it has been introduced before or after its detection (in February 2006) in Egypt, Sudan's northern neighbour, situated on the same Eastern Mediterranean major bird flyway. More crucial: Is the virus also present in the Horn of Africa and Eastern Africa? - Mod.AS
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