Pigs, People And Peacock
Deaths In Uttar
Pradesh India

By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
"Hundreds of pigs are said to have died in the last 15 days after consuming what has been described as polluted garbage in several slums here.  Piles of carcasses of the animals are rotting and there have been reports of dogs falling sick after consuming the flesh of the dead pigs.   As there has been no official explanation for the mass death of pigs,  the pig owners, mostly Dalits (members of the Hindu caste also known as ;untouchables') engaged as cleaners with the Agra Municipal Corporation, have called it 'Pig flu'..."
The unexplained pig deaths in the above quote in the Uttar Pradesh region of India are cause for concern. 
The transmission to dogs eating the pigs is one red flag, but two more are the recent deaths of people and peacocks in the same region.
These unexplained deaths have an encephalitis component which has now been described for H5N1 avian influenza in Vietnam.  The pigs have "viral fever", the children have encephalitis, and the peacocks have neurological symptoms like polio.
Bird flu can cause neurological problems in people and birds.
A mysterious illness in the three species in the same region is cause for concern. 
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From Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello, Jeff -  
Please note the Indian state government said "no need to panic as humans don't get infected by pig diseases."
Oh, no???  What about Influenza? What about Nipah? What about Strep Suis, etc, etc? People often get pig diseases. Such a lie by Indian health officials is either astoundingly ignorant or there is an effort to cover something up.
Governments always seems to make such nonsensical and downright assinine statements of pseudoscience when trying to quell fears of a spreading illness.
This statement about humans not getting diseases from pigs is one of the most outrageous to come along in a long time.
What is really going on now in India?
Mysterious Disease Kills Pigs Suchandana Gupta
The Times Of India
BHOPAL -- After chickens in Maharashtra, it's pigs and peacocks in MP.
A mysterious disease has struck the swine population and over 500 pigs have died in the past fortnight in Mhow and Indore city.
There are also reports of pigs dying in districts of Khandwa (bordering Maharashtra) and Guna in northern MP. In fact, peacocks have also been dropping dead in rural areas of Indore over the past week.
The Indore administration has banned pig-owners from allowing their swine population to roam in residential areas till May 15.
Though the state government said there was no need to panic as humans don't get infected by pig diseases, animal husbandry officials admitted bird-flu could also be transmitted to swine and water fowl.
Patricia A. Doyle, DVM, PhD- Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural  Economics
Univ of West Indies
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