Americans, Do You Really
Want To Save Your Republic?
Get Behind Leo Wanta Who Is
Holding 27.5 Trillion In
Trust For You!
The Bush and Clinton crime families used Wanta's Ameri-tech funds as a 'cash cow.' instead of returning the money to the American people for roads, education and health care. While Illuminati banksters already embezzled billions on top of billions, documented by Wanta, the crooked Washington power brokers even stopped him from using 5 billion in repatriation funds for Gulf Coast hurricane relief money in 1999.
By Greg Szymanski
If Americans ever want to reclaim their Republic, understanding the importance of the story behind jailed Ambassador Leo Wanta is a good starting point. In fact, the Wanta case may prove to be the "story of the century" even though it is cloaked in a complicated web of financial accounting, mystery and intrigue dating back to the end of the Cold War.
For starters, as unbelievable as it sounds, Wanta is the legal trustee according to a 2003 federal court ruling of more than 27.5 trillion dollars in repatriation assets held in overseas accounts and under protection for the American people.
The vast sum of money, now held in trust, are the fruits of exorbitant  profits from Wanta's financial scheme to destabilize Soviet currency at the end of the Cold War after being assigned the task as a U.S. Treasury agent under President Ronald Reagan. (See Arctic Beacon story at .)  
Of course, if the money is released, Wanta is due a hefty sum for his own personal use, a fact which scares his Illuminati enemies, including the Bush and Clinton crime families since he will immediately become one of the richest men in the world able to wield enormous power.
But in a conversation this week from his Switzerland home, where he is still being held under house arrest for what he calls "bogus" Wisconsin state tax evasion charges, he promised to use all repatriation monies released to him for the "good of the American people" not his own personal gain.
"What needs to be done is to create a commission representing the people, using the facts in my case to expose politicians, forcing them to use the money for the public good not for their own benefit," said Wanta in an extended conversation from his Swiss home, suggesting his case could be used as financial leverage to once and for all change the corrupt Federal Reserve banking system.
According to binding contractual terms in the 2003 federal court case, under contracts with Wanta's proprietary company, Ameri-tech, about half the money would immediately go into the U.S. Treasury, immediately wiping out the national debt, and the other half would be retained by Wanta and Ameri-tech.
"If the money ever gets released with full protection for the American people, I am prepared to use the remaining sum in my private control only for the good of the people for things like roads, education and health care," said Wanta, leaving open the obvious question of who would the American people prefer to trust: proven liars and criminals like Bush and Clinton or Wanta, who appears to be playing ball with the people not the Illuminati New World Order banksters.
So the major question looms: Why is 27.5 trillion dollars still in financial limbo?
According to Wanta and other financial analysts, as the laws are written today, if the money was returned, it would immediately be stolen, being placed into Illuminati bankster accounts under the crooked private Federal Reserve laws illegally manipulating the financial future of America.
In essence, the 2003 federal court ruling protected this from happening and became a big stumbling block to people like Bush and Clinton who wanted the money kept under the public radar screen and secretly distributed into private accounts.
"The time has run out for a government appeal. But they never wanted that in the first place because it was something they didn't want the public to ever find out about," added Wanta.
And to show the secrecy and corruption going on behind the scenes, Wanta was illegally put in a Swiss dungeon for 134 days in the early 1990's to essentially get him out of the way.
Upon his release, he was then extradited and found guilty of  "trumped up"   and nickel and dime" state income tax evasion charges, spending another long jail term before recently being released on house arrest with 10 years remaining on his 22 year sentence.
To add insult to injury while Wanta was jailed, until the federal court 2003 ruling, Bush, Clinton and their Illuminati minions found a devious way to use Wanta's Ameri-tech funds as their "own personal cash cow."
To prove his point, Wanta has meticulously documented how "Bush, Clinton and his criminal gang of thieves" have stolen more than 700 billion dollars from Ameri-tech accounts while in jail. (See Arctic Beacon story at  for Wanta's accounting of the stolen money.)
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