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Translated by Thomas Roesel
For the year 2006 in Bavaria, 71 cases of avian influenza in wild birds have been confirmed by the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI). During the week of 24 Apr 2006 (12 noon) until 28 Apr 2006 (1 PM), the following new cases were confirmed:
No. / Municipality / Administrative or City District / Regional
District / Species / Date H5N1 confirmed
71/ Parkstetten/ Straubing-Bogen / Lower Bavaria / Swan / 28 Apr 2006
70/ Epfach / Landsberg on the Lech / Upper Bavaria / Merganser / 28 Apr 2006
69/ Steinach / Straubing-Bogen / Lower Bavaria / Swan / 27 Apr 2006
68/ Kirchroth / Straubing-Bogen / Lower Bavaria / Swan / 27 Apr 2006
67/ Olching / Fuerstenfeldbruck / Upper Bavaria/ Duck / 24 Apr 2006
66/ Olching / Fuerstenfeldbruck / Upper Bavaria/ Duck / 24 Apr 2006
65/ Lindau / Town of Lindau / Schwabia / Crested Grebe / 24 Apr 2006
64/ Stephansposching / Deggendorf / Lower Bavaria / Swan / 24 Apr 2006
So far in 2006, 6843 wild birds have been handed over to the Bavarian Agency for Health and Food Safety; 6084 of them have already [by 28 Apr 2006] been tested for influenza A, and the 90 samples that were influenza A positive have been sent to the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) for further testing. The FLI has confirmed 71 samples as H5N1 positive, 15 as H5N1 negative, and 4 have yet to be determined.
In addition to avians, 295 carnivores (martens, foxes, cats) have been sent to the LGL; 287 have been tested for influenza A virus. One influenza A positive sample has been forwarded to the FLI, where it was [found] H5N1 negative.
Daily updated information in tabular format (in German) is available at
Further information (in German):
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We have been kindly advised by the Director of the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI), that contrary to the URL cited in posting 20060427.1226, the currently active home page of FLI is:
The tabulated list of positive wild birds and relevant maps for all of Germany, last updated on 25 Apr 2006, is available (in German) at aktuelle_Krankheitsgeschehen/avi_Flu/LB_Influenza.pdf . - Mod.AS
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