It's Closing Time
By Jim Kirwan

To the New World Order - there is yet another power-point in the fabric of public and private life. This involves something that has always been a part of life for billions of people everywhere - but for Americans this was usually something personal and therefore something very private: That is no longer the case.
This involves that delicate gossamer web of belief systems with that particular religious connotation that most people have about their lives. This could stem from deeply held traditions, or by conversion, but aside from the few nations where there is only one religious view permitted - this part of life at least for Americans, has mostly existed outside political boundary's. The New World Order has by contrast sought to not only spotlight religious differences, but to build a following upon those strident hatreds that are created by the differences and strife between political and religious belief systems.
Many religions profess very many of the same principles that make life not only workable but that can lead to prosperity: peace, harmony, love and honor among other values. However, splinter groups and narrowly focused religious fanatics have often used the religious beliefs of the many that believe; to subvert the actual ancient paradigms while they seek to use those differences to achieve the completely unrelated goals of; war, power, greed and hate.
In the Muslim, Christian and Jewish religions, it can be seen that these belief systems have largely been co-opted from their actual doctrines - in order to serve others in the New world Order, at the expense of the genuine belief system that was the reason for the rise of each belief system initially. There is so much blood now being shed in various places around this war-torn world, using bogus religious beliefs as a reason - that this needs no lengthy description here. Currently for the Muslims it's Darfur and the slaughter of Black Africans; for Christians it's the New Crusades throughout world; and for the Jews it's the continuing Genocide in Palestine. Of course these are only flashpoints of far more pervasive problems - but there are very real outcomes when religious affiliations and beliefs are used to politicize deeper goals.
This is not limited to just a few religions, (religion means "a belief system"). Humanists, Naturalists, Environmentalists and others have also lost the paradigm of their core values to the New World Order Juggernaut that uses every aspect of any life, to fuel their crushing march toward Empire. In this respect the NWO is following the successful use of race, of bigotry and of various forms of slavery - to bring them closer to their unholy goals
Until now, Americans because of their supposed separation of church and state have avoided having to face this divisive and destructive component of politics - but as with everything else in the NWO, all that has been forever changed by the willful destruction of the U.S. Constitution, along with the unilateral and illegal actions taken by the US government, anywhere that some natural resources or multi-national advantage might be vulnerable.
The Age of Reason is dead, or at the very least on life-support. Political corruptions have stolen the day and are leading the planet backward to a time of unbelievable barbarity, into a metaphorical eternal night and to the loss of all human rights and institutions - along with the rise of 'small minds, lost hearts and cold souls,' that are now 'the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction.' Basically this planet is about to become unlivable. One of the most influential arms in the rising enslavement that has brought us to this point has been that of perverted religious values, in service to those forces which by doctrine and tradition - in most religions - have been opposed for millennia!
Literally billions of people belong to these belief systems and it beggars the mind to wonder how such religious wars could continue - if the tenets of those religions were observed and upheld. Perhaps such a view is too naïve, because there are always dark sides to any belief system, and there is usually a struggle within most for control over the direction in which any given belief system may choose to move. Still, what does it say about the world that with so many different religious belief systems in active use - the number of wars and senseless slaughter only continues to grow with each passing week?
If religious beliefs have any value, then where are their leaders now when the world is in such great need of people that will come forward to stop this madness? The conflicts between India and Pakistan, between the Catholics and the Protestants in Northern Ireland, and between Palestinians and the-Jews-the-US-&-England are all continuing, along with hundreds of other wars, across the world - yet still there is no outcry from those who profess to care about the human conditions of their followers?
For those to whom government may be a religion there are also huge problems: (see the 3 links below)
In the United States it seems that everything comes down to MONEY and influence alone ~ is this very old and unorthodox religion also going to subvert what remains of the other religions as well! The War on Terror for the most part seems to now be a war upon the Muslim world, because there is a resistance there of the capitalistic view for the purpose of life itself. Another major aspect is the rise of Secret Societies - everything from followers of the DaVinci Codes, to the Illuminati. There are the followers of Skull & Bones and all the murderous groups that serve as policy enforcement arms for various governments - those individuals who have taken their associations to truly evil depths. There are perhaps hundreds of other twisted views as well, and most of these secret groups want to turn events to very specific goals that have everything to do with destroying life for far too many people. When governments around the world embraced treachery, torture and lies as the new bedrock for governance ~ then people everywhere begin to lose their way of life, and whatever promise they might have worked to reach.
With Double-Speak and the duplicity, not-to-mention the hypocrisy, that always accompanies every political action today: it is not easy to "discuss" anything. Still - more needs to be heard from those who have seen this conflict for what it is, and who will speak for those differences forcefully. This planet has become very small with the advent of technology: too small to tolerate the grand designs of those who want to own it all. Many believe that religions are a thing of the past, something that has little or no bearing on world affairs - yet the New World Order has chosen these ancient belief systems to further all their goals-can the world actually afford to let this happen?
Cheney & Goering,
The Lords of the Global Drug Trade
Pastor John Hagee spearheads Christians United for Israel




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