Eleven More Suspected
Bird Flu Cases In Thailand

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

11 more suspected bird flu cases were reported in Thailand's lower northern province of Phichit on Thu 27 Jul 2006. Dr. Prajak Wattanakul, head of the Phichit Provincial Public Health Office, said that the 11 patients, mostly children aged between 4-14, are suspected of being infected with avian influenza virus and were admitted to 5 different hospitals in the province on Thu 27 Jul 2006. Some of them had contact with dead poultry and others live in areas where a large number of fowl died of unknown causes.
All of the 11 patients were quarantined, and samples of their blood and phlegm were sent for laboratory tests in the Medical Science Center in Nakhon Sawan. The results of the tests are expected to be released on Fri 28 Jul 2006.
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics Univ of West Indies
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