CIA Report On Bali Bombings
Draws Very High Interest

Voice Of The White House

WASHINGTON, DC -- "There has been a very high level of interest in the CIA report on the Bali bombing incident of 2002. (Over 250,000 viewers in two days. Ed)
The man behind this uproar is a newspaper editor and journalist, Robert Finnegan. He was ejected from Jakarta, Indonesia, because of orders to the Indonesian government from U.S. Ambassador Ralph Boyle.
It is interesting to note that prior to his employment in Jakarta, Finnegan had been officially investigating a ring of pedophilic judges in Alaska. These investigations caused political uproar, both in Alaska and Washington and he was compelled to stop his digging. His reputation, however, did him no harm among the Indonesians, but caused a wave of fear in the ranks of the Department of State employees because South East Asia is a highly desired posting for certain types of DoS employees.
In that area of the world, pedophilia is rampant and both Thailand and Indonesia are viewed as areas where lustful pursuit of teen and pre-teen boys is absolutely rampant. Finnegan's investigations in Jakarta uncovered the names of a number of the highest level diplomatic personnel, to include two senior CIA agents (both undercover as an "American businessman" and an "American reporter" for a major U.S. news service, respectively.) 
Finnegan interviewed dozens of boys and their procurers, took pictures of U.S. visitors to assignation parlors, planted tape recorders where they could do the most good and photographed satiated visitors upon their exits. Agents of the PRC operating in Indonesia, as well, were fully aware of this traffic in underaged and certainly illegal flesh and it was because of this serious potential breach of security that Finnegan was so deeply involved. 
This distasteful, and criminal, background easily explains why Ambassador Ralph Boyce was so angry with Finnegan and frantically forced his quick departure, not because of the horrifying facts Finnegan had also uncovered about top level U.S. and Israeli involvement in the Bali incident. 
Although incomplete, the Finnegan report on pedophilia still makes very interesting reading and ought, in my view, to receive a far wider circulation than it is having now. In the end, it is the American people who are paying for this disgusting perversion on the part of their official foreign representatives.
Anyone interested in a complete copy of this report, plus other historically informative reports on similar subjects, to include certain activities in Georgia and the Ukraine, the projected putsch in Baghdad, getting a right-wing candidate elected recently in Mexico and similar highly informative productions, may obtain these from: 
Charles Burnett, who can be reached at: <>  
The Green Zone Follies
Baghdad, 31 Dec 06: "When Baghdad fell to U.S. troops in 2003, an organized campaign of looting began. CIA officers, CIC personnel and others made frantic searches in official Iraqi records, looking for any documents that would prove that Saddam had been the creature of the CIA and had launched his attacks on Iran at the request of U.S. authorities. It is known that the CIA supplied Saddam with Sarin, a deadly nerve gas, which he used on the Kurds and not the Iranians (as intended by Washington.) Much was found but much had vanished and there is still an ongoing search for papers that could cause many criminal indictments, both in the DoS and the CIA.
Also, speaking of Saddam, it is the U.S. that executed him not the Iraqis. It was Special Forces men with masks that did the job. It seems Bush insisted on this.
Back to thieving. At the same time there were frantic searches for incriminating documents, there was a parallel search for Iraqi liquid funds: gold bars, U.S. dollars and gold coins were looked for. Billions in cash were taken in between 2000 and 2003 because of a trade agreement between Saddam and Syria.
Now, we have a plane full of FBI, Treasury and DoS agents crawling all over the country (at least where it is safe i.e., the Green Zone) trying to find the money, which has vanished. In 2003, a great deal of other money was found and stolen, mostly by U.S. civil administration personnel and top U.S. military brass who are now very, very rich.
Bush, it is said at the highest levels here, has no problems with this because he himself has been on the take for years. But the ten billion dollars taken in has vanished. Our generals and the Bremer people never found it. DoS has been sniffing around in Switzerland and the DHS has been tapping into foreign bank accounts looking for it but so far, no luck. All of this interesting gen, by the way, is coming from a 'Cosmic' level report that I have been reading after it was passed around my office. Bush feels that since the U.S. paid Saddam, now that they have killed him, they ought to get the money back. All ten billion of it.
The U.S. has become so universally despised that foreign governments, especially those of Switzerland, Denmark, Japan, and Pakistan, suddenly have become politely uncooperative and know nothing. Fragments of records indicate that transfers were made to banks and other financial institutions during this period but so far, the U.S. has had little luck.
These enormous funds did not include Iraqi funds siezed by the U.S. and England at the start of the war, and, of course split up among the top people. The new U.S.-controlled Iraqi government, naturally, wants to lay their hands on this to hide away in their own Swiss accounts against the day when Bush has his putsch and replaced them with a new military dictatorship but they aren't any closer to it that their puppet masters.
They are making preparations for an infusion of 20,000 new troops here in the "immediate future." Cadres will be shipped here along with large numbers of 'weekend warriors' from the National Guards and many recalled reservists. Then, a great "Final Drive to Victory" (as the official papers call it) and Bush can then have the military throw out the present very corrupt and vicious puppet government, (and, it is suggested strongly here by the top brass, being shot in groups of ten in some dismal cellar run by the CIA) put in a new Saddam and proclaim "a great victory for democracy" (again from the papers) to the Americans, take his loot and retire to a private, and easily defended, new location.
This sort of bare-faced theft, murder and manipulation is ruining the morale among the less cynical of the officers here but Bush and Cheney don't care as long as they get theirs. They don't give a fast fuck about the huge and growing death lists. What none of you hear about are the small mutinies, suicides, self-mutilations, drug overdoses, desertions, terrible combat injuries and serious mental illnesses our boys are suffering and, like the casualties, in sharply increasing numbers.
The only people who are making a profit from this war are the crooked Republican contractors, the White House and the makers of coffins and rubber body bags."



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