The Zionist Agenda As Observed
By Ted Lang
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In an article I recently came across, and frankly, I can't really remember where I saw it, the writer felt a need to define Zionism in order to clarify a point. He offered simply: "Zionism is belief in the Jewish state." That's true, but I think it can be agreed that Zionism is far more than a belief: Israel exists and has imperialistic motives intending to involve and entangle US further in its bloody outrages in the Middle East. And make no mistake; a great many decent, honorable and patriotic Jews oppose this agenda.
No one wishes to explore, prod, analyze or even present evident facts or commentary concerning Israel's agenda, motivations and methods. To do so would be to invite smears of "anti-Semitism" from the many Zionist organizations formed specifically to stave off open debate relating to "Israel and American Jewry." Zionism cleverly wraps itself in the protective shroud of the Jewish faith, but actively employs politics, law, smear tactics, threats and intimidation to silence opposition to "Zionism and Judaism." Zionists wants US citizens to believe that Judaism and Zionism are one and the same. This fraud, unfortunately, is swallowed by most people here inAmerica.
As I have been personally attacked by the Zionist Network, this has only served to pique my curiosity all the more. Why are Zionists so terrified of debate? Why do they expend so much time, effort and even money to silence even casual inquiry into their methods or motives? All we ever hear from their side is that "Israel  has a right to exist" and "Israel's fight is our fight!" Nonsense, on both counts!
The history of Israel's beginnings is one of horrific Zionist-originated and perpetrated terror against the Palestinians whose land they unjustly invaded and occupied to secure the unjust acquisition of a national territory. They have committed heinous acts of treachery and genocide against both the British Empire and the Palestinian people marked by the terrorist bombing of the King David hotel serving the British government and initiated the indiscriminate mass murder of Palestinians to steal their land. We derive absolutely no modicum of benefit in return from our "alliance" with Israel. 
In fact, Israel is a serious drain on our national resources. And also, after motivating the US to attack Iraq, mass murder over 650,000 Iraqis, and to murder Saddam Hussein as well, Irsael's legitimate head of state, our "ally" is now maneuvering our politicians and our military to attack Iran. The latter could likely escalate into a nuclear world war, as the rest of the nations on the planet will seize upon the opportunity of a weakened and fully-engaged America to totally destroy US and the world's chief troublemaker: Israel.
In observing the interconnecting links of Zionism's seemingly diverse "liberal" objectives, its methods, its maneuvers, and the effects Zionist activities have on America and the American people, the original definition of Zionism must be altered yet further. And although a new interpretation is easily derived, its implication convolutes an outcome that when recognized will generate sheer terror. And as if that terror isn't enough to make Mankind shudder, the complete realization of its intent will be an outcome of even much greater magnitude.
Zionism is not merely the "belief in a Jewish state;" it is the complete and total usurpation of the wealth and power that is the United States. Said another way, the tiny nation-state of Israel, the world's fourth largest thermonuclear power, a nuclear power which has violated more UN resolutions than any other nation, now ignores and frustrates the very source of its legitimization. Israel, now a deadly nuclear power, has cleverly avoided adding its representatives' signatures to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, thereby sealing its borders to any international nuclear arms inspection. And Israel is now commanding "our" representatives in Washington to consider launching World War III by unjustly attacking Iran for it nuclear research efforts. If this isn't a guarantee of nuclear world war, I'd like to know what is.
Zionism is not only intent upon sacrificing the interests of United States of America to advance its primary objective of placing Israel "über alles," but also in sacrificing the interests of ALL NATIONS of the world as well. And no, Zionism is NOT just about Israel. Consider how Zionists manipulate our people, our government, and our military. They even manipulate our language: Zionists are not Zionists; they are "neoconsevatives." My "Spell Check" doesn't even list that word, by the way.  And it wouldn't surprise me in the least if Zionists created the term themselves to help conceal their intentions to deploy America to aid its goal of eventually ruling the world...just as they had intended with their Jewish Zionist Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.
It is understandable that many of those of the Jewish faith will take stark exception to these comments as well as any others that criticize Israel. Those of the Jewish faith have legitimate fears considering their isolation since the Diaspora. But America is still the most powerful nation in the world, and would have continued as the freest had it not been for the efforts of Zionism to marginalize both the will and the voice of the American people...and its once sacrosanct Constitution Those who now recognize the real Zionist threat to America's future, although still a minority, are desperately trying to rouse their fellow citizens to motivate a brain-dead Congress to checkmate Zionism and its chief stooge, George W. Bush.
The Zionist agenda is, therefore, committed to silencing the true voice of the American people, and shaping American opinion instead, to support and advance the Zionist's plan for a New World Order. Zionism will first sacrifice America to this end, and then every nation in the world; hence, the necessity of a nuclear world war.
How does Zionism manage and control American society? Obviously, the most dominant American opinion shaper is the mass media. Zionist control of TV and Hollywood entertainment, TV "sitcoms," big central government alphabet agency "adventure" shows, police agency and "SWAT" team type shows, propagandized news and selective journalism, all help to shape and thereby neutralize public opinion relative to the dangers inherent in big, centralized, one-size-fits-all government. Such a dangerous government behemoth can easily be controlled and manipulated by a clever cabal, and can be secretly and easily politicized and bought out from under the American voter and taxpayer by its powerful lobby. The concurrent media-generated "political correctness" also sends the message: Government is Great, Government is Good!
What then should we fear, if reflecting upon the education that our children are to receive considering government's unlimited opportunities for their early indoctrination to global government servitude? Why should we fear the establishment of laws citing victimless crimes as heinous violations and assaults upon the public interest? Why do we need to be wary of a "War on Drugs," or a "War on Poverty," or even a "War on Terror?" We should fear them because they all constitute "behavior modification" laws to justify government oversight and control of every aspect of our lives, even if such "illegal" actions harm no one. Behavior modification laws serve to isolate members of our citizenry for the zaniest of reasons, and increased social controls and their laws create both a fear of, and a dependency upon, unlimited government authority.
But what is our government if not just a simple minority? It is merely a minority controlled by yet another minority or minorities in the form of small, "politically connect" vociferous groups and their wealthy and powerful lobbies such as AIPAC. How do these translate to "a government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Social programs make citizens dependent on American government, as does gun control. Only the police and military should have them argues a small minority, a minority whose tiny voice is magnified many times over by a traitorous and politically correct-generating mass media.
How does Zionism control American government? American government is easily purchased, and that's how it is controlled. It may be called "campaign finance," or "political contributions," but whatever it is termed, such pay-offs translate to graft, corruption and bribes. No greater example of this can be offered than that of the present situation in Iraq, a quagmire and horror created by minority control of the minority group that makes up our state. Sure the state is comprised of our military, our police departments, our school systems, our tax collectors, and so on; but who is it that CONTROLS them?
Political correctness drives wedges between different segments of our society. This lends itself to the advantage of those who would divide US, enabling them to be victorious in their efforts to neutralize public opinion via internal disruption which destroys our collective national purpose. Lobbies and political action groups fund politicians favorable to their cause and thereby initiate laws to make US all increasingly answerable and subject to government approval and authorization. While they legislate self-interest-driven political expediency, they agitate for "equality" and "protection," resulting in the removal of laws meant for the protection our freedoms. 
It explains the abolition of our Bill of Rights and habeas corpus. These "laws" that had served in the furtherance of our primary reason for the creation of our American state, namely justice, should be preserved and protected. Instead, they are abolished by statute rather than amendment, and replace that noble intent with political expediency that benefits only a select minority. They replace individual rights with group rights, selectively eliminating dissident groups, and render voting ineffectual save for a security secured only by the smoke and mirrors of propaganda.
Zionists control American religion. It is clearly Zionism's intent to abolish ALL religion, as evidenced by an observation attributable to one branch of Zionism: "Religion is the opiate of the people." And this "opiate" must be banned and abolished! There can be but one opiate: the state! And the state should be redefined as one that is universal and global; a one World Order! 
Religion is the last line of defense against a New World Order. The Protestant Church in America, and the Roman Catholic Church worldwide, stand in the way of the NWO because the focus of the Christian religion is to put belief and faith in God FIRST. This overrides allegiance to the state, and always has. It brings to the fore once again for Mankind's consideration the real eternal clash between church and state. There is no place in the New World Order for the Christian religion, where individual loyalty is commanded and directed to the worship of Christ and God. As far as the globalists are concerned, it is heresy to worship the Creator rather than the state.
Christmas must be abolished! Easter must be abolished! All Christianity all over the world must be accorded its proper and just designation: CHRISTIANITY IS A "HATE CRIME!" And now, even the Roman Catholic Church has sided with the very Zionists that aggressively organize and seek to destroy the Church. When the Presbyterian Church divested Israel from its $7 billion portfolio, a popular Zionist website attacked the church as being comprised of evil prostitutes, pointing out at the same time that the Holy Father had supported a Church-signed document that equated anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. How unbelievably foolish on the part of the Holy See! Zionism is determined to destroy Catholicism and all Christian religion.
It is clear that Pope John Paul II, and now Pope Benedict XVI, have been duped. Their sympathy towards the Jews derives from their sympathy for the persecution of the Jews at the hands of the Nazi-orchestrated Holocaust. But modern Israel is not the Israel of the Old Testament. It is the Israel of clever, cunning politicians, politicians such as Herzl, Weizmann, Baruch, Pearl, Wolfowitz and Feith. It is the politics of the New World Order. It is these Zionists who wish to convertAmerica and the Church into inefficate transparencies nullified as potential obstructions to the New World Order.
Evidence of declining Christianity abound: Happy Holidays, Winter Break, Spring Break, Holiday Tree, and on and on. It is yet another example of the divide-and-conquer modus operandi of Zionism dividing US against one another and blocking a collective majority opinion and outcry against the plan for a universal global government.
Our nation's society is now controlled by a minority within a minority, which controls a media that establishes and enforces political correctness creating "modern" mores. It is a minority with interests foreign to the intentions and aspirations of our people as stated in the Declaration of Independence, and translated into law via the Constitution of the United States of America, which now guides our destiny with an iron fist and marches US to unending war signifying a new Bolshevism. And the religion of our majority of citizens is being discredited, turned against itself, and blinded as to its once-exalted moral status by an alien element of discontent. We must decide at once; do we see the future for ourselves as a nation, or as a subjugated people?
© THEODORE E. LANG 1/6/07 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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