Azerbaijan Mass Poultry Die-Off
APA - Azeri-Press Information Agency

A mass death of poultry has occurred in the village of Boyuk Bahmanli in the Fuzuli region, the villagers told the APA. [Map at].
They said that mass death of poultry was observed in several yards and they appealed to the veterinary service. The reasons for the deaths are unknown. Many dead fowl were found in the water basins of the village, as well as in the ponds on the neutral strip on border with Iran.
State Veterinary Service press secretary Yolchu Khanveli told the APA they are unaware of the situation and noted that they will investigate. He said that bird flu virus was not found in this territory during initial monitoring. He also said the reasons for the die-off may be other diseases.
H5N1 virus was found in birds in one of the farms in the village of Boyuk Bahmanli during 2006.
In the text of the published APA newswire, the term "death of
poultry" appears; this might refer to a domestic avian species. The
exact identity of the affected species will be appreciated.
Results of the veterinary investigations are anticipated. - Mod.AS
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