Gore...A Convenient Liar
By Judith Moriarty

I wouldn't watch Al Gore's slide show/film Inconvenient Truth if it were being shown on the side of my barn! Ask the folks in East Liverpool (for beginnings) Ohio, what they think of his/Clinton's LIES about seeing to it that a mega incinerator (spewing lead, arsenic, carcinogenic dioxin, mercury etc), over their homes and elementary school wouldn't be located in its shadow! All the usual political LIES were made - about how outraged they were blah, blah, blah. That all  ended on inauguration day! Have a look at the usual order of business and also the financial interests with polluters of Bush, Hillary, and Gore!   
& WTI financer     
I don't know how long it will take people to wake up and see that moneyed people could care less about their communities or the health of their children.The all important mission is getting elected (or seeing to it that the targeted person for the time gets in). In more honest times he (the others) would be called shills, snake oil salesmen, and flim flam men. This is just ONE small part of the (Gore) LIE!  --JM   
He couldn't stop a major polluter in Ohio nor deal (another story) with massive pollution (including him) in his home state and HE'S going to clean up the earth! I think not.



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