Moret - Attack On Iran Would
Leave India Feeling Nuked

By Dhananjay Khadilkar

MUMBAI -- Attack on Iran would be nothing short of a low level nuclear war against India. That's the opinion of Leuren Moret, a former scientist at the Livermore nuclear laboratory, who was here for a conference.
Talking to DNA, Moret said that if the US attacks Iran, then India would bear its disastrous consequences in the form of uranium oxide particles which would remain suspended over the northern part of the country.
According to Moret, it won't take more than two days for the uranium particles to reach India. Egypt, the Middle East, Central Asia and Pakistan too would get affected, she added.
Moret stated that the population staying in this region would become vulnerable to diseases like cancer and diabetes. Terming the suspended Uranium particles as DNA time bomb, she said that because of the affinity of a phosphate in human DNA towards uranium, these particles destroy the DNA. Thus the disastrous effects of depleted Uranium won't be limited to one generation only.
According to Moret, depleted uranium is the Trojan horse of nuclear war. "It is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction," she added. The pyrophoric nature of depleted uranium causes it to burn at very low temperatures.
This makes it an ideal radioactive gas weapon. "Once it gets vapourised, microscopic particles of Uranium oxide remain suspended and form the radioactive component of dust," Moret said.
Moret added that depleted uranium was introduced for the first time in the Gulf War in 1991. Extensive carpet bombing in Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan has already resulted in radioactive pollution over areas in Asia and Europe.
Moret further said that the amount of low-level radioactive pollution from depleted uranium since 1991 is equivalent to at least 4,00,000 Nagasaki bombs.
She said that the mysterious illnesses and post-war birth defects reported among Gulf War veterans and civilians in Iraq, and radiation related illnesses in UN Peacekeepers serving in Yugoslavia is a testimony to the dangers posed by depleted uranium.
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