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Let The Arabs Win For Israel
By Barry Chamish

A 32 year old woman dies in Sderot from a Hamas missile in Gaza. Israel launches a brief helicopter attack and then nothing. Meanwhile, 78% of the public wants of a ground attack to snuff out he rockets. The government forgets to announce, "Why should we? We've got the Arabs in civil wars in Gaza and Lebanon now. They'll do the dirty work for us."
The 2007 Middle East War has erupted into half-blossom and this time, our soldiers aren't at risk...so far.
So, now we know why Israel practically guaranteed a Hamas victory by banning them from running in Jerusalem during the last elections and then permitting them to do so. And now we know why "right- wingers" like Avigdor Lieberman recently voted in favor of re- arming the PLO. The PLO was told, "Defeat Hamas and we'll give you a state in all of 'the West Bank.'
And on the 40th anniversary of Jerusalem Day, the Knesset passed a law for any future withdrawal from Judea and Samaria by national referendum.
Yet so disgusted was G-d by this government's existence that He canceled their anniversary celebrations with an unheard of and ungodly deluge on Jerusalem (which killed 7 people near the city, no less.)
For those who know my writing, we know the first open American military association between the US and the PLO began in March, 1996 when Shimon Peres decided the Palestinians were not killing Jewish "settlers" fast enough. In about his last act as Prime Minister, Peres asked two members of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), CIA Chief John Deutsch and his "Middle East expert," George Tenet, to send 40 PLO "policemen" to Virginia for advanced training. After that, the PLO became expert at killing Jews and many hundreds more flew to the US to learn sophisticated techniques in Jew murder.
Now those "experts" in Gaza and one Palestinian "camp" in Lebanon are keeping the "militants" from Israel's door, at least for now.
Why should Israeli soldiers die when the PLO will fight for them?
And as the political cauldron boils over, its broth spreads over the stove. Read the notes to see what I have tried to teach. We begin with the Israeli police discovery that a "humanitarian" group, Doctors Without Borders, signed a travel release for a killer named Bashir who journeyed to Israel to murder PM Olmert. Not that we all wouldn't like to get rid of him some way since the Israeli "democracy" provides no way to oust a leader with a 0% popularity rating. But this way leads straight to another murder by Shimon Peres. Bashir was acting for the PFLP, a Damascus-based Christian murder organization founded by George Habash, who died in France, nestled in the arms of Francois Mitterand.
Now we recall my reconstruction of the murder of Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi. Read my books Shabtai Tzvi, Labour Zionism And The Holocaust, and Save Israel (found at lulu.com) for the details. Ze'evi, two days before, had threatened Sharon with a huge fall if he didn't release Peres from his cabinet. He would take his party, and those of Benny Elon and Avigdor Lieberman, out of the government and expose Peres in a last Knesset speech if he wasn't ousted in two days.
Next door to Zeevi at the Jerusalem Hyatt was the IDF's commander of Judea and Samaria, Yitzhak Eitan. In his most recent atrocity, he had let a Druze soldier bleed to death at Joseph's Tomb, while working hand in hand on surrender with the PLO's "intelligence" chief of Jericho, Jabril Rajoub. He made certain there was no bodyguard on Zeevi's floor, even though Gideon Ezra, Deputy Internal Security Minister, slept two doors away from Zeevi. Peres had called France and quickly organized the PLFP hit squad to rub out Zeevi four hours before his departing Knesset speech exposing him as a traitor.
Yasir Arafat announced that Zeevi's murder was a foreign hit but agreed to allow American and British soldiers to guard the killers in Jericho. When Arafat died, the killers threatened to talk. The IDF attacked their Jericho prison, snatched them away and nothing has been heard from them since.
Then there is the love affair between France's new leader, Nicholas Sarkozy and the Labour Zionists, a match made in Hell. It turns out that Sarkozy's father was a Hungarian officer responsible for sending hundreds of thousands of Jews to their murders. Ben Hecht's Perfidy is the classic tale of the Labor Zionists sending Rudolf Kastner to Hungary where Adolf Eichmann offered him all 800,000 Jews for 700 non-military trucks to carry his loot away. Sadly for this unfortunate human mass, Kastner and the Jewish Agency of Jerusalem led by the butcher Chaim Weizmann, said no. All characters in this tale of genocide were killed by the Labor Zionists including the brave Swede who did his best to save the Jews and learned the hardest way that the Labor Zionists wanted them dead, Raoul Wallenberg.
A Fatah convoy of three trucks was stopped by Hamas at a makeshift checkpoint at
Dabit Circle, a northern Gaza town, according to Hamas sources. Hamas
abducted 18 Fatah gunmen and seized stockpiles of American weapons
that were in the vans, the sources said.
The U.S. in recent months reportedly transferred large quantities of
weapons to Fatah, purportedly to back Abbas' military organizations
against Hamas.
The last confirmed U.S. weapons transfer to the Palestinians took
place last May and consisted of 3,000 assault rifles, but WND reported
multiple other transfers later were delivered to Fatah, including a
cache of 7,000 rifles last January and about 8,000 assault rifles in
While the weapons were meant to bolster Fatah in Gaza, Hamas has
reportedly won most battles against the U.S.-backed militias.
Quiet Knesset Vote on Another Unilateral Withdrawal
(IsraelNN.com) Knesset members quietly voted 26-18 Wednesday to
approve a national referendum on whether to implement another
unilateral withdrawal from Israel-controlled territories. Many
coalition members absented themselves from the vote, which was
carried out on Jerusalem Reunification Day.
Sarkozy was picked by us as a straw dog because of his Jewish
connections, his ferocity in attacking perceived American enemies (anything Muslim)
and much, much closer cooperation with the United States, especially in
providing troops for Iraq. Many of these will be removed, at the demand of Israel,
from Lebanon and Sarkozy will not support the Muslim peoples of that country.
This new dictator of France, so pro-Israel, has a skeleton in his
closet: A top level CIA evaluation I read on Saturday says the new President's
father was a member of the Hungarian Arrow Cross party and took a prominent part
in deporting the Jews of Budapest between May and October of 1944!
From cuttingedge.com
Jewish author, Barry Chamish, has long maintained that the type of Illuminati Jewish leadership in control of Israel today comes from the Sabbatthean or Frankist Jews. Chamish alleges that these Jews in leadership in Israel since 1948 are frustrated because they could not establish the occult, non-Judaic Israel they wanted, and are willing to destroy most of it, in order to be able to build a country devoid of traditional Judaism.
I have long rejected Chamish's conclusions, but I have since reversed my opinion, and now am open to the idea that Barry might be right: the current Illuminati leadership of Israel may be ready to destroy most of Israel today so that, out of the ashes of a broken, nearly destroyed Israel, they may rebuild the type of occult Israel they have always envisioned.
Two major factors have caused me to change my mind.
1) Israeli leadership since the days of the Arafat first Intifada, beginning in 1982, has allowed the Palestinians to arm themselves with heavy and deadly military weaponry. Since the days of Ariel Sharon, Israel has allowed the Palestinians to arm themselves with anti-tank weapons, rockets and guided missiles, to the point now where every Israeli town and city is under the gun of some type of weapon which could level that city.
"It says they were planning it for the PFLP. The PFLP is almost never mentioned in connection with terrorists attacks except in fishy circumstances. I'm under the impression that they're an assassin-for-hire organization posing as terrorists. 1 notable example: Rechavam Zeevi." David Samuels
*'Doctors Without Borders' Gave Terrorist Entry Pass to Israel
<http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/ 0,7340,L-3400959,00.html>*Unexpected storm disrupts celebrations for Jerusalem Day, causes massive flooding
Published: 05.16.07, 17:33
The official ceremony to mark the 40 year anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem was canceled, Wednesday afternoon, due to an unexpected storm. City residents told Ynet of torrential downpours and heavy hail.
Our Oslo Peace Host
http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/w-eur/2007/may/ 21/052103279.html
OSLO, Norway (AP) - Norway said Monday it would make its first
transfer of direct aid to the Palestinians' new government, more than
two months after the Nordic country broke with most Western nations by
recognizing the Hamas-led coalition.
Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said Norway would soon transfer $10
million to a financial account set up by Palestinian Finance Minister
Nadia Matar awakens: write; wfit2@womeningreen.org
As we all know, not only does the government lack leadership and direction but even our own national camp has a crisis in leadership. The Yesha Council proved to be incapable of leading the struggle to save Gush Katif and Northern Shomron. Only after the destruction did we find out how deeply betrayed our camp had been by those pretending to be our leaders.
My new wife's conversion to Judaism is going beautifully and I'm going to shul on schedule like the Jew I guess I was supposed to be. Thanks to people who sent lovely gifts and advice like Aliza, Helene, Lois, Judy, Al and more.
And now that I'm in the US, I'm organizing a speaking tour. So far, Mississippi and Southern Florida have booked me. Call 904 8242329 for details and to climb aboard. The topic: Israel's Covert War On Judaism And Religion. Get me to you and we'll pass the hat.
I'm moving to a new home. For five days after Shavuot, I'll be unavailable by internet or e-mail.
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Steve Guiliani, Jim Hogue and the historic Stan Monteith...none Jews. Go figure.
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