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What Or WHO Is Behind
Mr. Speaker's TB Odyssey?

By Patricia Doyle, PhD
Hello Jeff -- As the XDR TB Attorney Andrew Speaker odyssey continues to unfold, we are being left with far more questions than answers. In fact, the Speaker story is one of the strangest, most bizarre cases in years. The convoluted, contradictory story line coming forth boggles the mind...and opens door after door of possible conspiracy scenarios at high levels of the CDC and US bioweapons research. In sum, Mr. Speaker presents as a complete and total anomaly...a man with more contradictions than one can easily track. Here's a brief overview to date...
Wedding Or Not?
Recent reports now indicate that Mr. Speaker may not even have been legally married in Greece. According to a Denver Post article: "Mayor Angelos Roussos of Santorini, Greece, said a clerk from the municipality office informed him that Andrew Speaker and his fiancee, Sarah Cooksey, did not have the necessary paperwork for a civil marriage." And further, "He (Mr. Speaker) made no previous contact with the town hall about arranging a civil marriage," Roussos said. "So, the wedding never happened. He stayed instead at a hotel for two days, the Majestic Hotel, before setting back for the United States. It was his first time here." Weird...and things only become more so...
Mr. Speaker claims that he and Sarah are married and he has 'wedding photos' to prove it. Unfortunately, photos don't prove anything. A former roommate of Mr. Speaker claimed that Mr. Speaker and his "bride" did hold a ceremony in which they exchanged rings and took photos.
The Mayor, however, claimed that Mr. Speaker and Sarah Cooksey found out they could not have a civil wedding and stayed at a local hotel for 2 days and then left without being married legally, according to Greek law. One might ask the question: why does a successful lawyer, and his father, also a lawyer and candidate for Fulton County judge, fail to secure the proper papers for a legal wedding? If Mr. Speaker DID have a wedding, XDR TB and all, it was contrary to Greek law? One might surmise Mr. Speaker has a problem with official authority. Seems like Mr. Speaker does not understand the word 'no.'  In any event, we now have a different view of this successful young, 'healthy' lawyer.
Secret Pandemic Dry Run?
One has to wonder if CDC TB specialist, scientist Dr. Cooksey, Speaker's new 'father-in-law' and others at the CDC, did not plan this entire escapade as some kind of a pandemic preparedness simulation. Or, perhaps, some kind of a probing action to see how far they could get with international security in terms of an actively TB-infected man flying all over the place while contagious.
If that was the plan, do Cooksey, Speaker and the CDC have information of a pending pandemic? Are they afraid that the 100% fatal XDR TB SA1 strain will leave South Africa via travelers? They certainly should be.
Are they afraid that H7N2 avian flu in the UK will merge with H5N1 and cause a pandemic flu strain starting there?  They certainly should be.
An Undercover Op?
Was Mr. Speaker's odyssey just a simulation, a means to find holes in the health system, border security, Homeland 'Security' and to probe the air line industry health and safety protocols? Remember this: Mr. Speaker was only a couple of MINUTES at the Canadian border when the border agent allowed him to enter the US at Plattsbugh, NY.
Given the information we have learned over the past few days, namely that Mr. Speaker may NOT even BE married, and the fact that Mr. Speaker's new father-in-law is a CDC microbiologist who specializes in how TB SPREADS, and the facts behind Mr. Speaker's trek over two Continents, one has to ask: Was this all a ruse set up by the CDC's Dr. Cooksey as a means of researching pandemic preparedness?
This entire event might very well have been a clandestine CDC operation that was NOT intended to hit the news. Someone at the CDC outside the loop might have picked up on Speaker's XDR TB condition and issued the Federal Quarantine on him. I suspect the quarantine was never in the original plans...and once it was issued the plan was blown and became a major news story.
Another Bizarre Aspect
Please also note that Mr. Speaker and his father, also a lawyer, planned far in advance to 'protect' Mr. Speaker by tape recording Mr. Speaker's consultation with the Fulton County Public Health doctor on the subject of Mr. Speaker traveling by air, internationally. How many times do you record conversations with YOUR doctor? Mr. Speaker could have made this tape in the event his travels became a legal issue...contingency plans for a blown secret op.
How Much Do You Love Your Wife?
IF Mr. Speaker is infected with XDR TB, he was very inconsiderate, to put it mildly, by placing his future wife, her 8 year old daughter, and the rest of the family in utter danger.
Bizarre Behaviors
We recently learned that Mr. Speaker was diagnosed with TB in January, 2007 which gave him plenty of time to change or postpone his wedding plans until his treatment concluded. Most importantly, there is NO mention of Mr. Speaker receiving ANY medical treatment for the disease. We do know that after he was diagnosed he continued his normal routine by going jogging, reporting to his office to work, and going about his life without any apparent changes whatsoever.
Now, logically, wouldn't the prospective bride - the daughter of a prominent CDC microbiologist specializing in TB - wouldn't she know about TB and wouldn't she have planned to postpone the wedding? (A Greek civil marriage that, due to incorrect paperwork, and according to the Mayor of Santorini, Greece, never took place.)
Pandemic Around The Corner?
If this was a CDC/WHO simulation op, the question arises, are we facing an imminent pandemic in the very near future? What do THEY know that we don't? Is it really so imminent that Mr. Speaker would take part in an epidemiological international travel simulation?
Again, this story is so outrageous - and so incongruous - that we cannot take it at face value. There are more and more questions and very few answers.
Unknown Strain Of TB
We already hear that the CDC investigation found that Mr. Speaker's TB strain does NOT match ANY in their lab. I ask, IF this was a government pandemic simulation, would those people involved use a strain that matched one in the CDC lab inventory?
If the CDC really wants to know how or when Mr. Speaker was infected, all it need do is check his travel history, looking closely at the time of Thanksgiving to Chrismas/New Year of 2006. If, indeed, Mr. Speaker IS in early stage of TB, and was diagnosed in January, it seems most reasonable to investigate his travels from Thanksgiving through New Years.
I am awaiting the results of the Homeland Security investigation and those of the CDC investigation of Mr. Speaker. However, I am skeptical and doubt that we will have any conclusions reached (or scripted) other than 'Mr. Speaker became infected via his travels abroad' and 'his infection was not due to any contact with the CDC or Dr. Cooksey's lab.' The question marks loom larger and larger...
Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD
Bus Admin, Tropical Agricultural Economics
Univ of West Indies
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