George, You Are No Maverick...
You Are Just One Of Them

By Hesham Tillawi, PhD

"The American people know about your honesty and integrity. Of your commitment to truth-to accountability and responsibility-that is the very core of intelligence in a democratic society." George Tenet in his farewell remarks made at CIA Headquarters in Washington DC on July 8, 2004

Yes George, and you have shown no honesty and no integrity when, on December 14, 2004, just few days after you made that remark, you accepted the Presidential Medal of Freedom presented to you in the East Room of the White House by George W Bush. Yes George, you have shown neither honesty nor integrity when you sat behind Colin Powell, Feb 5,2003 while he delivered his infamous lies about the Iraqi WMD's at the UN Security Council  where he said:  "  What we are giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence."  Yes George,  you were there to give credibility to what Powell was delivering.

On April 30, 2007,  your book At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA is coming out. Your main point is that you want to clarify the " slam dunk" comment that Vice-president Cheney and others cited as the main reason why George Bush decided to go and invade Afghanistan and Iraq. You say that this was taken out of context and that the comment was in response to Bush's wondering if he can sell the war on Iraq to the American people based on Iraq's WMDs. You said, "Yes, it's a slam dunk".

George, your clarification is even worse than the way Cheney and others used the phrase. You knew the whole thing was a lie, yet you said that it was a "slam dunk". You were willing to deceive the American people into this war by thinking it was a "slam dunk."  You convinced them with garbage that you knew beforehand stunk.

George, about a million Iraqis died if not more. Millions have been  maimed for life. Two million have been  forced to leave Iraq and live as refugees; some in the desert with no roof over their heads.  Thousands of Americans are dead; tens of thousands are wounded and maimed for life. Do I need to say more? You know the rest of the story.

Your opinion does not matter now, George, it's too late, and it will not make much difference. I wanted you to take a stand,George, when you were sitting behind Colin Powell,   while he showed the fake pictures to convince the World with Iraq's WMDs. You should have asked Mr.Powell to have a moment at the microphone while the world was watching. You should have told the world that Powell was presenting lies. You could have saved lots of lives, George. Just imagine, if after George Bush placed the Medal of Freedom around your neck and you would have taken that medal off and "slam dunked" it in GWB's hand and said: " I am sorry, I don't deserve it, take this medal and shove it " and walked out while the cameras were rolling. Just imagine the lives you would have saved by doing so.

You are no maverick,  George. You are just a coward like the many cowards who have caused so much pain and misery in America and the World. You are going down in infamy and should be prosecuted with the rest of the "JINSA" crowd. The least you can do is give ALL proceeds from the book to the Iraqi people.

You said that the only thing you regret in life is the fact that your father was not living to see you in the position of the Director of the CIA. You are lucky, George, that your father was not living to see that you had a chance to stop a war based on lies and fabrications by Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and especially Douglas Feith, who was over the Office of the Special Plans at the pentagon where the fake documents Powell used were concocted and given credibility by your presence at the UN with Powell. Your father would be very disappointed in you.

George, your 'kiss and tell' book is an insult to our nation.  You are just one of them. You should be tried for war crimes just like the rest of them. 



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