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WHO Task Force Micro-Manages
The News Media About XDR-TB

By Adriana Stuijt
Exclusive to Rense.com
One of the main reasons why the South African news media are not being informed properly by their own health department about the country's XDR-TB epidemic, may well be the decision to createn XDR-TB media task force which would micro-manage the news media through the World Health Organisation. This XDR-TB task force was formed by the world's top-TB experts who attended the the World Health Organisation's emergency conference in October 2006 in South Africa.
However the SA National Health ministry also attached very little importance to this meeting that they sent Ms M K Matsau, a deputy-general, to co-chair the meeting for South Africa. She's also the lower-level official behind the decision to sue a TB-hospital in Gauteng, trying to force the release of 13 highly-infectious XDR-TB patients back into the community, because their forced deetention was 'violating their human rights':
See a recent video interview of Ms Matsau's unscientific decisions about XDR-TB on state-controlled TV:
At the time of this conference in October 2006, South Africa's health minister Ms Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, was recuperating from a mystery disease which had for which she had even needed an urgent liver-transplant -- and president Thabo Mbeki had at that point still not appointed a temporary acting Health Minister even though the national health department had been already been left rudderless for months due to the minister's poor health...
Quotes at the conference about micro-managing the worldwide news media on XDR-TB:
"Alarmist attached messages on XDR-TB can readily arouse fear and stigma and could hamper HIV-health seeking behaviours..."
"Concern was expressed (by the South African deputy-minister) that while sustained media interest in XDR-TB spotlights issues around TB control - it could adversely impact affected populations by arousing stigma, panic and fear..."
The conference then agreed to set up a centrally-controlled XDR-TB media task force -- which would create a "proactive media approach, provide clear information on the XDR-TB situation, promote public debate and provide space for people to tell their strories... the task force should also ... strengthen communications channels at global and country levels."
The conference was co-chaired by Dr Kenneth Castro of the division of TB elimination at the Centres for Disease Control in the USA and Ms Matsau.
Many worldwide TB experts flew to South Africa to attend and address it, ands Dr A Moll, the doctor at the heart of the start of the epidemic at the Church of Scotland Hospital at Tugela Ferry in South Africa, also was on hand to provide a very detailed report on how exactly the outbreak had progressed during the previous three months.
Dr M Raviglione, Dr Paul Nunn and other top representatives of the WHO's Stop TB Department, Dr S Shah of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the USA all addressed it as did WHO acting-director general Dr Anders Nordström, who "stressed the urgency of critical actions to address the XDR-TB crisis..." in his address.
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