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XDR-TB 'Artificially Created'
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By Adriana Stuijt
Exclusive To Rense.com
Link to portal bloggers:
messages.cfm? Forum=7&Topic=2140
Quote from Black Web Portal:
"(TB plus AIDS - likely artificially created) - You probably should not listen to this. .. I believe that if this is not contained then this will be the trigger for Martial Law. It's time to wake up my gentle gentiles."
"The devils will stop at nothing to slaughter innocents. So they can continue to get rich, they are trying to cull billions of people off of this planet. What is going to be the last straw. I agree with you strongly on the point of martial law HB
"Here it comes people. Those who are not prepared will die. Some of those who are prepared will too. TIME TO WAKE UP! "
"Sounds like they are taking the chance of spreading this disease among the (SA) prison population in order to test or later test the drugs they will use to cure it..."
"Airborne AIDS? Has this been on the TV? I'm surprised there isn't a global quarantine on the infected areas. Something stinks. With the TB variants currently in this country, (coming mainly from south of the border) one has to be close and stay close to someone infected to receive the critical mass of bacterium needed to cause an infection. Any outbreak with the domestic strains can be contained with a quarantine. However this XDR stuff supposedly has a lower infection threshold, is much more potent, and the organism lives longer. Since it is an airborne pathogen and does not have immediate effects, there is plenty of opportunity for transmission. If When the XDR variant arrives, the media will whip up a frenzy or panic and those new 'Bush becomes dictator' laws can be invoked. Some say that you won't be permitted to leave home. It might be a good idea to have a few weeks provisions. "
link: http://www.blackwebportal.com/nuforums/viewmess
ages.cfm? Forum=7&Topic=2140
"How do they explain a bacteria/virus combination? All of a sudden nature decides to bring a monster into existence. I just wonder what the DNA would be?"
Link to the important XDR TB SA1 Rense radio interview:



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