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New Crop Circle - Valley
Temple At Giza?
West Kennett Long Barrow, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire.
Reported 28th June.
Images Lucy Pringle Copyright 2007
I am a bit sceptical about the Da Vinci Code, Last Supper interpretation of Mr. Mason for the West Kennett Long Barrow formation. I think this formation has the same purpose as the Long Barrow -- a tunnel through time if you will. It may be that the Valley Temple at Giza has/had the same purpose. Notice the strong resemblance to the Valley Temple architecture, at Giza, near the Sphinx.. (See attached photos that I took at Giza earlier this year. You may use them on your website if you wish, so long as you attribute me.) One lintel remains at the Valley Temple -- there may have been more when it was built, several thousands of years ago. What we see now is but a vestige of what was there originally.
We are dealing with an intelligence, or intelligences, who work across l-o-o-o-n-g stretches of time. Structures such as the Long Barrow, the Valley Temple in Giza, and crop glyphs such as the instant case serve their purpose, which to my mind has to do with the programming of human minds and bodies, and the Earth itself. I conjecture that many thousands of years ago, there may have been multiple structures like the Valley Temple scattered across the Earth, but time and cataclysm and men have worked to bury them or destroy them. This crop glyph may play a resonant role, harmonizing our window in time, so to speak, with other eras, with other times and places, to smooth our current turbulent passage through time, as we approach an important date with our destiny -- on all levels ecological, meteorological, political, social, cultural, historical, economic, religious, mental, geological, astronomic, astrological, and so forth. Crunch time fast approaches for us and our planet, and time evidently is being precisely calibrated, on a very long scale. Look at the West Kennett Long Barrow formation and perhaps one could think of it as the Clutch of Infinity, you know, as a sort of mechanism for aiding the transition from 3rd to 4th gear (dimension), as it were, which I intuit is also the function of the Valley Temple at Giza, as a kind of dimensional portal, which even now, may still be active, for those who can see it or know it or properly use it. Ditto for this formation, just laid down in our contemporary time/space juncture.
Images Richard Sauder Copyright 2007
Richard Sauder
Image Steve Alexander Copyright 2007
Image Lucy Pringle Copyright 2007
Image Lucy Pringle Copyright 2007
Jay Goldner




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