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Smile, You're On
Candid Camera

England now sports 'the' record for the number of cameras watching citizens in London and other rural areas in England. Now the US of A is sporting cameras in nearly every major city, soon to be 'the' record holder in monitoring citizens. But wait, there's more. We of the US of A are adding another dimension to our cameras. We are also adding microphones to our cameras. Not only will We the Sheeple be looked at 24/7, but they will also be listened to, 24/7.
God bless Amerika and all the ships at sea.
They'll tell us, "But the better to see terrorists with ... " and "Oh, and the better to hear you with." And some of us say, "Ah, but the better to take from us, even more than everything they've been able to steal, including our privacy and our freedom of speech," among other thingies.
Sorry Charley, but this Homey don't buy that. Sure, there are reasons for looking and listening, but there are more opportunities to abuse the process. Personally, I believe that our freedom is over, finished. The Sheeple are not (seemingly) caring about this latest abuse. The Sheeple in fact, are three to one in FAVOR of cameras and microphones watching their every move, according to some poles.
Which is interesting because we are not aware of how the questions were asked. In what context were these questions phrased? You know, "Do you believe that cameras will allow faster identification of criminals in the act? Do you believe cameras will prevent terrorists from blowing themselves up?"
Well, who wouldn't answer "Yes" to that. Was the question rather, "Do you believe that even with all the benefits of camera monitoring, your rights may be abused?" and therefore add another dimension to this set of answers? Unknown, as we do not have the survey. However note well, that such surveys can be skewed and skewed easily just by the manner in which questions are asked. The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind. The answer is blowin in the wind. And the Sheeple, ah the Sheeple, they may be described by another Dylan poem, and it goes something like this:
"Idiot wind. Blowin through the caverns of your mind. You're an idiot, Babe, and it's a wonder that (we) still know how to breathe!" Because once something like monitoring everything we do begins, it is almost impossible to end it. Try getting Bloombugger to "remove" those cameras. Go ahead. I dare you.
Is this the product of a Liberal gone berserk? A NeoCon gone gone? And Independent hellbent? Hell no, it's a result of all of 'them' supporting the government and a result further, of the Sheeple knowing very little about the issue. And why pray tell, izzat? Because the media doesn't cover it. Because mainstream press is not making the Sheeple aware of the issue. Not sufficiently so.
It is only now that mainstream news media is leaking some of this to the public, however the press is not making the Sheeple aware of the dangers cameras and microphones may pose to the public at large. The abuses possible. The freedoms lost. The privacy lost. Gosh folks, this can be a serious issue. I can only imagine the huge monitors watching YOU and ME. The rooms. humongous rooms, with people watching U.S.
And it is more than possible, since the US Government is paying for much of this, that these images and sounds go directly to another big room in which the CIA, FBI, NSA, M.O.U.S.E and other letter agencies are ALSO watching and listening. Morty found out just this afternoon, late, that he is on the no-fly list. Good thing I have no intention of flying anywhere except in a private aircraft no smaller than a G5.
I've not taken a subway in about 39 YEARS! I've not taken a bus in nearly 45 YEARS. And I have no intention of doing so. Even if the Mayor Bloombugger has his way (for more government monies) and begins charging BIG BUCKS to anyone who wishes to get into Midtown Manhattan. In case you've not heard, the herd is going to have to pay a toll to cross 86th street and south. Well, I ain't goin. If I can't drive, I won't go. And if I have to get ripped off to go and drive, I DEFINITELY am NOT going.
Not that I spend a lotta moola in Manhattan. Heck, I try hard to stay away from Manhattan in general, let alone Midtown. Rosie, my gorgeous wifey, used to love to go to Bloomingbirds on 59th Street in Manhattan. She was the only person on planet (now warming up by the way - in case the herd reading has not heard) earth who could spend an entire day not on one floor of Bloomies, but in one DEPARTMENT ON ONE FLOOR OF BLOOMINGBIRDS. Honest. Truth. I swear.
And usually I wound up having to take a second trip to return some of the merch she bought because when she got it home, she didn't like what she bought. However, she is still the most beautiful, youngest, most voluptuous wifey in the Galaxy and I was not paid to say that.
However I take singular exception to having to sleep in the bathtub.
So, Sheeple, they got us coming and going. We have to PAY big time, even for the privilege of being followed by 'them' everywhere we go. Being looked at, listened to and having our privacy screwed, blued and tattooed.
And again.
And yet again.
So, my good People and Sheeple, smile broadly. You are on TV. And everything you do and say is recorded, monitored and displayed to the government (of, by and for the Sheeple) which is supposed to protect and defend the Constitution of the US of A.
This is a great country. Ain't it?
Morty, AKA, Jim Mortellaro
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