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If It's All Taken
Away - What Then?

By Ted Twietmeyer
Laughing Gull
This is our beloved planet. How often do we stop and take the time to truly realize the marvel here? It is a place of great beauty, not only unlike anything else in our solar system but also anything within light years. Birds fly with ease through our skies, some flying from the North to the South Pole and back again each year. They know where they must go and how to get there. The gentleness and power of their flapping wings is beyond compare. Seeing them fly skyward beckons to something deep within our souls calling us to be free as we once were, as they are now.
Green Sea Turtle
Oceans gently lap upon many thousands of miles of shoreline around the clock. Sea turtles come ashore to lay eggs, and the hatchlings must make a long, perilous journey from their sandy homes to the sea. To these tiny creatures it must seem like miles to crawl as they move upon their bellies across the sand. They will swim many, many thousands of miles in their lifetime - only to return to these same beaches again one day to lay the next generation of eggs. And to their kin of the fish world, the ocean is their universe. For these creatures it is an unlimited expanse of endless opportunity. There is no land, no space. Just an unfathomably giant expanse of seawater which is truly endless.
Many thousands of years ago it was written, "See the lilies of the field. They toil not neither do they spin.." It is indeed true. The harshest of winds may buffet them, yet their delicate beauty is undamaged and they remain firmly rooted in the Earth.
Our marvelous planet is one of incredible riches. We take for granted trillions of plants which grow each year that feed us. A marvelous moon which creates tides and propels most ocean life. Many methods to harvest aquatic life depend upon these tides. And the small, hard shelled creatures that bury themselves deep in the sand depend upon tides to live, too.
Space Shuttle EVA
We marvel at the stars in the sky and long to visit them. But do we look at the beauty right here under our feet? Do we take the time to sniff the flowers, to touch the rough bark of a tree? To reach down to feel the intricate nature of a blade of grass? Look at a household pet and marvel at the complexity the little animal has within? When we are cut, do we appreciate the amazing hidden complex process it takes to heal a wound? Even a cut fingerprint pattern is restored to the way it was. And science can't even create a simple spider.
I strongly believe that only through appreciating all that we have now - will we be able to understand what it will be like when it's all gone.
Ted Twietmeyer
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