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eBay Removes ANY
Criticism Of Israel On Boards
From John Wade

Ebay has numerous discussion boards that are read by thousands of users every day.
In 2004, right after Yassar Arafat died, someone started a thread on the eBay discussion board "Soapbox" that contained the most vile hate speech I'd ever read directed towards Yassar Arafat and Palestinians. The thread contained dozens of extremely hate filled derogatory posts after being up for several weeks. It was obvious that many of the posts were written by Jews. The "Ebay Moderation Team" which claims to be aganist "hate speech" did nothing about it and didn't remove any posts even though I complained about several of them using the "report" button.
Just the opposite is true when one complains about Israel or zionists.
Last year, about one day after Israel attacked Lebanon, I posted three essays on "Soapbox" that I wrote about the use of weapons banned by all International War Treaties such as depleted uranium bombs, cluster bombs and white phosphorous bombs and their use by Israel and the U.S. Right away, my posts were removed by the "Ebay Moderation Team". They sent me e-mails claiming the posts violated eBay rules and were hate speech and profanity.
I've posted links to essays by professional journalists such as Henry Makow, Chris Bollyn and Wayne Madsen about problems with Israel and zionists and those posts were removed by eBay claiming the links were hate speech, profanity etc.
Recently, I posted a link to a long scholarly article about the involvement of the zionist Jews in the Russian Communist Revolution and that post was removed with the claim by the "Ebay Moderation Team" that it violated eBay rules and was hate speech etc. Here's the link; http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v14/v14n1p-4_Weber.html
It appears that eBay has a serious double standard when it comes to Muslims and Jews. It's O.K. to put up lies and hate speech about Muslims but don't ever tell the truth about Israel and zionist Jews.


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