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A Time of Melting Clocks
By Judith Moriarty 

Ignorance is not the word for it. The elitists don't refer to the multitudes as 'herd & cattle' for no good reason. Moooove them from pasture to pasture - milk them dry - hit them with an electrified prod when they get any ideas of traveling beyond their assigned boundaries, and you pretty much have a picture of how passive, bovine, and complacent people have become. If you'll note it was the 'media' that drove this frenzy against Craig.....BREAKING NEWS - toe tapping CRIME in airport bathroom! Meantime - they can't keep the planes running on time (at least Mussolini kept the trains on schedule) - no undercover cops caught the 19 box cutter - crop duster pilots able to defeat a multi-billion dollar defense department!

Minneapolis would have spent their money better had they invested in some pigeon dropping patrols at their bridges (that's what they blamed the bridge collapse on!) - Instead of toilet bowl squatters! People are only too eager to pounce on the sensational and salacious. At least it distracted the masses from the meltdown in Iraq - Gonzales leaving - and the Mexican trucks (no inspections - no standards - insurance?) coming in over the southern border by the thousands! Hmm a nursing mother's breasts are prodded at the airport with semis of God knows what and WHOM entering in - and 6 million + containers a year from China shipping in cough syrup laced with anti-freeze and lead coated toys and poison seafood etc. Meantime the FDA gets rid of 300+ employees! But Craig's toe tapping and the comedic fun they had with that was a priority.

You're right it is all insane - it's like finding yourself in a Salvador Dali painting amidst the melting clocks! Here you have U.S. Congressman Vitter from Louisiana (where else?) admitting to being a frequent customer of the D.C. Madam for years - an admission to a crime! After all, isn't this what most of our police are busy doing (when not beating people at protests) at night when they drag in street hookers and their customers?

Notice how you've heard nothing on U.S. Congressman Jefferson (again Louisiana) and the $90,000 found in his Washington house freezer part of $100,000 he took in a bribe (filmed) with a Kentucky businessman and his aide already pleading guilty. The FBI also has the goods on him in seven other cases. Ah - but the NAACP is defending this RACIST attack! When all else fails plead blackness - something Larry couldn't do. Then there's the Sen. Stevens (most of Alaska politicians) and his schemes - serving the oil companies up there with federal contracts - having them expand his home etc. Poor Traficant gets sent up the river for a couple (basically) cases of beer!

I just can't get over the hysteria and claims to VALUES by all these egotistical hypocrites, in the midst of a LYING war - shredding hundreds of thousands - 2.3 trillion -poof, missing from the Pentagon - billions upon billions GONE MISSING in Iraq and this is where people focus their outrage!! One thing people should learn - you don't want to enter politics. Piss on your 27 years of service - there's no honor amongst thieves (and those with their own hidden sins). They'll throw you under the bus and back it up over you......You never want to have a politician in a foxhole with you.

God bless your mother at 80 - yes I'm sure she more than us sees the great demise of this country. My mother has been dead for many years - (she would have been 80) but I recall her stories of the times growing up on an isolated farm in the Allegheny Mountains. It's not that from time immemorial there haven't been corrupt bastards - liars - and sleazy politicians - dragging the multitudes into wars to fill the coffers of the bankers, corporate hucksters, and military industrial complex.

But once upon a time schools had real teachers instead of 'change agents' and their social engineering (not teaching). A kid (unless mentally challenged or lazy) could READ by the third grade. I learned to read in TWO weeks (first grade) and finished the year's reader in one sitting! Police didn't barge into our school (Goosecreek, SC - numerous other schools) with guns and dogs terrifying students! We had music, art, CIVICS class, history, geography, creative writing, health classes (that didn't teach fisting - oral sex - how to put condoms on bananas or alternative lifestyles etc). Gosh how did I ever manage to have two kids! And NO kid was on mind altering psychotropic DRUGS.

You will have people knowing every detail of the OJ Simpson trial, Princess Diana's pathetic life, the runaway bride, Michael Vick and his pit bulls, air head Paris Hilton, baseball scores, the names of NASCAR drivers, - etc,. Few could relate to you what really happened at Ruby Ridge - Waco or Kent State. Fewer still knows squat about the thousands of pages of various trade agreements that, duh, are emptying their mills, factories, manufacturing plants, and replacing American workers with (more recently voted on) thousands of H-1B visa holders! They rabidly attack (planned) one another over immigration and are incapable of connecting the dots that a failed NAFTA has caused these millions of economic refugees, forced off their farms and their factories now gone to China.

Your mother's time and our time had newspapers (not corporately owned) that had investigative reporters (muck racker) who told the inside story of corruption in the oil fields - child labor - the mines - and the meat packing plants etc. There were no malls - and you could buy American made. Farms saved multitudes during the Great Depression (purposed and planned) - but now most of those are bankrupted due to corporate hucksters and their Frankenstein crops. And sadly we'll not see the fantastic writing of a Mark Twain (pertaining to the utter insanity of war). God if only this were read from every pulpit - but then the Pharisees are too immersed in the sexual 'sins' of others - Have your pastor read this: www.midwinter.com/lurk/making/warprayer.html




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