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People Without A Past
Jim Kirwan

Almost every other nation on the planet is made up of its own people; the United States, by contrast, is a conglomerate. This place is composed of people from all over the world. The one thing that was designed to hold us all together was a Constitution that attempted to lend meaning and purpose to an otherwise mongrel nation among the community of nations. Our beginnings held promise, but we failed to participate, and in so doing we lost our collective memory about who we were and consequently who we are- which pretty much destroyed any 'future' that we might think we had envisioned, as a nation or as a Republic.
Nations without a past are diminished when they try to live in the moment-without a collective past: Israel is just beginning to learn the truth of that statement. No nation can exist for long, when it forgets what it has been or what it has done to get where there are today. The US has willfully tried to obscure those things we did as a Colonial power, and later as an Empire-in- Waiting. And the visit to New York by Iran's Ahmadinejad, points up what happens when the people of this nation know virtually nothing about their own past-much less the history of those "other" nations that we have crushed so causally.
In 1953 with British and American help the Iranian Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq was overthrown and the Shah of Iran was installed as the new Western puppet in Iran. A great deal of 'change' was introduced under the Shah, and the people of Iran grew angry. Out of that anger the US Embassy was illegally attacked and 52 American Diplomats were held hostage for 444 days-until George HW Bush was able to broker the deal that would free the hostages, buy only upon the election of his running mate Ronald Reagan.
Afterward there was the Arms­for-Hostages nightmare, also illegal, but this time it was the radical right wing of the American government that was breaking the law ­ so this was not pursued. In 1957 the Shah installed his very-secret police, the Savak. The Iranian people, under the Shah began to become acquainted with the shadow of terror, as an extension of American policies. The thugs were Iranians, but their masters were American. These chapters in the history of Iran left bloody footprints upon that state, and it was in direct reaction to those Western intelligence agency ties to Iran's Shah that the people of that country rebelled. From that day to this the US has not maintained diplomatic ties with Iran- remembering as we do only the 444 days that the hostages were held, and forgetting the decades that we held their country as a hostage state in service to the West. (1)
Had the United States even the ghost of a diplomatic corp. then Iran could have begun talks with the State Department: however we have no such function under current Cheney-Bush directives. Condi is a joke that the entire Middle East uses and abuses at will ­ especially Israel. If she had any pride whatever she would have resigned long ago. But that won't happen, because she still has her uses, even as a complete failure.
However, when it comes to Iran, this impasse only enflamed the problem. Iran wanted talks on many things, but the US is afraid to hold diplomatic discussions because we're afraid we'd lose something in the negotiations. In the void thus created, Iran chose to send Ahmadinejad to New York specifically to invite a dialogue.
A lot of Americans behaved exactly as Cheney-Bush expected that they would: and too many behaved like barbaric fools with no real awareness of the history of the countries involved-all they focused on were just the bumper-stickers and the one-liners, nothing more! One might think that the possibility of yet another "pre-emptive attack" upon yet another nation that has done nothing to America ­ might be well worth talking about, but that is apparently not the case. A more thorough accounting is here: (2)
A friend put this "visit" very succinctly when she said in part:
"starting with Scott Pelle on 60 minutes! ~ He was tacky, stupid and idiotic - how can anybody take all the accusations this Bush/ Cheney mafia once again levels against another country serious? They did the same thing with Iraq - and it was all lies, PROVEN LIES! What is wrong with Americans that they swallow it whole once again? They are brain-dead, brutish primitive idiots. Ahmadinejad and Iran have not attacked another country in 200 years, while America has attacked other countries over 200 times in the same time period. Are they completely insane? The IAEA has put their reputation on line and averred that THERE ARE NO SIGNS OF NUKES being built in Iran.......this while Americans are killing hundreds of Iraqis daily - Iran's neighbor, and at the same time spewing propaganda about Iran's government arming the freedom-fighters in Iraq ­ (if) they (the US) should have tried to do the same to, say Norway! The Danes, the Swedes and the Finns would be arming, sabotaging, sinking US ships to protect their fellow Scandinavians - they did it to Germany. You know, this is so beyond my grasp, how America can bray these accusations and lies, while engaging in an illegal war in Iraq! A GODLY NUMBER OF AMERICANS ARE NOT NORMAL!
Did you see how big (the) coverage there was of the demonstrations? All or most of the demonstrators - screeching ~ I am so enraged. AND by the way, Ahmadinejad is right....the "Holocaust" never killed 6 million Jews! I worked for weeks with official German government documents online 3 years ago - taking the number of gas chambers, their size and capacity, the date they were operational and the date they were shut down - they could not physically have killed more than 2.7 million PEOPLE (not just Jews) in the number of gas chambers they had built IF THEY WENT FULL TILT 24/7 and never were down for cleaning and repair. Then 6 months ago A CONSERVATIVE Think Tank in Washington came out with a study on the same subject, they came up with 2.3 million people being killed in the gas chambers.
America is a disgrace to the world - it is about time it gets its just desert, in whatever form that might take!"
When the Russians wanted to talk near the end of the Cold War ­ we not only listened, but we entered into dialogue, and we regularly hosted Russian Premiers, just as we today host Chinese heads of state, despite Korea, Taiwan, and for awhile our differences over Vietnam . . . how quickly we forget the 'very many' things we've done as a nation, and how few of those things have been about anything except invasion, war or regime-change.
This continues because our people seemingly have no memory and very little concern whenever the topic turns to politics. It is almost criminal, that so many know so little about the people into whose hands they have placed their dreams, their fortunes and their very lives: That is what we have done: and in so doing both Israel and the USA have actually become 'nations' without a Past"
The wildest part is that it's still happening right now-now when we are STILL buried alive inside Iraq. We've been in that war since 1991, almost continuously ­ that's a year longer than Vietnam, and the end of this leaderless nightmare will end just as Vietnam did and for the same reasons: if we don't demand withdrawal now. In Vietnam we had over 500,000 troops, in Iraq we're running at about 400,000 (counting the Mercenaries). In Vietnam we could not get the US government to act, and eventually the Vietnamese chased us out. In Iraq, if we do not act soon, the same result will remove those choices this congress still refuses to make. This is about controlling the price of oil and the profits generated by those price hikes, not-to-mention the vast sums that disappear into the Secret-contracts and the lack of so much of everything else that makes life bearable ­ anywhere! Yet despite all this we refuse to engage in simple conversations that might avert another massive blunder by the same people that brought us ALL-THOSE-LIES and all that death & destruction ­ how many years ago? The specifics matter greatly ­ take ten minutes and make your own decision. (3)
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3) The Killing Fields of the War on Terror for Oil - video
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