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The Establishment's
Voting Machines

By Ted Lang
While researching my last effort, and knowing that The Establishment now intends to pull out all stops in its final efforts to disenfranchise the American people from its government as well as to nullify our nation's sovereignty, I came upon Dan Rather's efforts exposing the fiasco of America's electronic voting machines.  The Establishment is making itself known and is following the pattern described by Adolf Hitler in Germany back in 1926.  The enemy is finally boldly stepping from the shadows and identifying itself, just as Hitler predicted would be the case.  New World Order communism is now upon US!
All across the nation today, police departments at all levels are digging in with an "us versus them" bunker mentality, killing innocent Americans, threatening families that are merely traveling through their jurisdictions while either visiting family or friends or while on vacation.  Police are tasering, torturing, manhandling law-abiding innocent Americans, and in some cases killing citizens for the mere crime of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And our national criminal government, comprised of the organized gangsters of our political class, is the instigator and provocateur of this police paranoia.  Paraphrasing Hitler, terrorism must be fought with terrorism.  Cheney and Bush are forcibly ushering in NWO communism via domestic police state fascism.
America and its citizens are on notice by machine-gun-toting and razor wire-deploying cops that they are not to demonstrate, not to gather near political convention centers, not to protest, and not to challenge or shout at presidential candidates during the latter's speeches and "public meetings."  The Establishment cannot tolerate any such unpatriotic behavior. Violators now know they will be shot, beaten or tasered.  Never during my younger years could anyone ever have convinced me of this scenario now in place in America today and occurring in my lifetime.
As offered in my previous report, Dan Rather, in a video produced by HDTV/HDNet entitled, "The Trouble With Touch Screens," and produced in August 2007, reveals a shabby, incompetent, amateur, international "manufacturing" operation in which electronic voting machines are produced in a sweatshop in Manila, Philippines, for use by American voters.  It shows the reverence the United States Congress has for the American voter and taxpayer.  And considering the growing popularity of grassroots anti-Establishment candidate Ron Paul, there is no doubt in this writer's mind that absolutely nothing will be done about this on the federal level.
The unified connected effort by the federal government to negate the collective will of the American people will have to translate to controllable and tamper-prone electronic voting machines to ensure the success of the power elite's picks; and as Internet-informed news readers know, "differences" between Democrats and Republicans are only for purposes of distracting a dumbed-down American voter.
Rather's exposé was launched by the Florida campaign of one Christine Jennings, a Democrat running for the House of Representatives in the District 13 election of November, 2006. Jennings was frustrated in her bid running for Congress, and she and her campaign staff pointed out a vote count anomaly: approximately 13 percent of the registered voters weren't represented, or roughly 18,000 votes were unaccounted for.  There could be many explanations for this unusually poor voter turnout, nonetheless of which could be attributable to either bad weather or even the reality of voter apathy or outright rejection of Jennings' candidacy.  But neither possible cause is of any relevance.
What is relevant is that whether or not an inquiry was actually justified, one did result.  Jennings lost by only a few hundred votes, and this while missing votes of approximately 18,000.  Jennings sued the state of Florida, the manufacturer of the electronic voting machines, and filed an election challenge with the House of Representatives.  The matter came up in Congress in the Senate, and California Senator Dianne Feinstein conducted a hearing and charged the Government Accountability Office [GAO] and the National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST] to look into the matter.   
The GAO, in earlier investigations in response to electoral curiosities involving those related to the "hanging chad" fiasco in Florida during the 2000 presidential elections, as well as the Ohio curiosity relative to the 2004 along with the publicized guarantee offered by a Diebold voting machine manufacturing executive to incumbent George Bush that Ohio will wind up in his column, produced a short laundry list of actual electronic voting machine vulnerabilities.  Additionally, the GAO confirmed, relative to the Ohio anomaly in 2004, that a small group of individuals could indeed tamper with the electronic balloting results to manipulate the outcome of an election.  Democratic Congressman John Conyers, Jr. of Michigan, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, initiated hearings looking into Ohio electronic voting irregularities in December 2004.   Checking Congressman Conyers" homepage, mention of both the inquiry and the results are strangely missing.
In spite of the findings of the GAO, the Conyers "investigation" launched by literally thousands of letters from concerned and outraged Democratic voters, the outcome and bottom line results are zip: nothing, nichts, nada!  In typical Establishment MSM propaganda-for-the-herd mentality, elapsed time and the out-of-sight-out-of mind big media approach has been brought into play once again.  Our "elected representatives" and the MSM, stooges for the shadow government's Establishment, drown out both representative responsibility and accountability to the American people and American voters.  We are now a disenfranchised citizenry, enslaved by a totally unrepresentative political class of paid-off stooges, and controlled by the big money of corporate conglomerate monopolies and their lobbies. 
The Jennings inquiry brought Dan Rather into the picture.  His media vehicle, "Dan Rather Reports" produced by HDNet, uncovered the corporate arrangement that sends the clear and unmistakable message that our entire election system and its electronic and vote counting methods and systems are a total fraud.  The company Jennings sued was ES&S, Election Systems and Software, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.  The machines used to count the votes in the Florida elections during which Christine Jennings ran for Congress, are, once again, strongly suspect as triggered by the missing 18,000 votes.  The electronic voting machine used was a product of ES&S, identified as an "Votronic."  More information on this equipment can be found here.
The iVotronic has been used to count votes electronically in 22 states in the US, and ES&S, a privately held corporation, claims to be the largest manufacturer of voting machines inAmerica.  The company offers that it has delivered 97,000 machines across the country which were used to count 67 million votes in the November 2006 elections.
After the Jennings campaign and the ensuing election complaint and lawsuit, Rather's inquiry cited numerous complaints from voters using the iVotronic.  For example, several voters complained on the video that after having digitally marked their ballots on the electronic touch-screen, the vote summarization display, when brought up by the voter, showed no vote at all!  Other problems determined by the vote verification screen display showed that the opposing candidate or a third party was selected by the voter.  These problems, and many more, served as the material basis for Jennings' complaint and challenge.
Rather's investigation into the matter exposed the disjointed, discombobulated global corporate cluster that produces these inferior vote counting machines so vital to the MSM's contention of the importance of the participation by the American voter in this country's democratic processes.  Even Rather's introductory remarks to the report emphasized the importance of voting to ensure "democracy."  Yet, the big media has left the Conyers inquiry open-ended and has summarily ignored the iVotronic controversy completely.  This MSM collective spike of the serious anomaly in the American voting system has been totally ignored by the big media's gatekeeper, The New York Times, and therefore TV broadcast and cable [cabal?] "news" as well.  This includes NBC's White House Chief David Gregory and NBC anchor Brian Williams.
It may be recalled that "journalist" Brian Williams whined that he had "worked extremely hard" to achieve his senior exalted status as NBC's top "reporter."  He offered this complaint: "You're going to be up against people who have an opinion, a modem, and a bathrobe.  All of my life, developing credentials to cover my field of work, and now I'm up against a guy named Vinny in an efficiency apartment in the Bronx who hasn't left the efficiency apartment in two years."
NBC "journalist" David Gregory, the so-called White Chief Correspondent, offered that news interviews at the White House, and in fact all politically-related interviews, are seen through a prism by the news consumer.  He offers that it is the public that is biased and polarized, and this has been caused by the evil Internet.  Yet Rush Limbaugh has always offered that the "liberal" media reports news through a politically biased "template."  And of course, they are both wrong.  The failure to report on this critical electronic voting issue proves the error in both views, and presents precisely how The Establishment uses MSM personalities to deliberately distract the public using the worse-than-usless fraud of two opposing political parties.
Returning to the issue of inferior electronic voting machines forced upon the American voter by The Establishment, Election Systems and Software Corporation, the primary manufacturer and supplier of these poorly working and extremely inaccurate voting machines, contracted for the manufacture of these base electronic recording units, which I will refer to henceforth as the BRU, with a company called Pivot International, headquartered in Alexa, Kansas.  Pivot, headed by Edwin Ching, owns the majority interest in a Manila, Philippines factory, TeleTech, a high pressure sweat shop that was contracted by ES&S to produce the BRUs.
The Ching family, noted for questionable business ethics relating to business practices, tax evasion, real estate manipulations, and other shady deals, has consistently been investigated by the government of the Philippines.  No convictions against their operations resultant from criminal prosecutions has thus far been recorded.  But as Rather offered, the Ching family, bolstered by political connections, has prospered enormously while their workers at the Manila factory suffered under sweatshop conditions and were paid coolie wages.
In spite of the reliance upon seemingly disinterested foreign factory workers, Filipinos bucked their own culture and reported and complained of the inferior components of mylar plastic touch-screens produced in the USA by The Bergquist Company.  Bergquist produced the plastic screens to be used by the Pivot-produced BRUs which they sent to the ManilaPivot corporation for the manufacture and incorporation into the final BRU product.  Manila factory workers complained of quality control failures involving the touch-screens.  The problem was that the plastic touch-screens "floated;" that is, they were visibly disconnected from the glass containing the electronic sensors such that "bubbles" and air-filled rolls and waves seperated the screen from the sensors by a margin causing a quarter inch calibration distortion that could actually translate to the success of a candidate with lesser votes. 
This was the assessment of Gene Hinspeter, an Elections Operations Specialist employed by Lee County, Florida.  Hinspeter stated that 1,800 of the iVotronic units were returned to ES&S due to confirmed inaccuracies in the BRU tabulations.  Hinspeter stated in the Dan Rather interview that the iVotronic machines were totally unreliable.
Additionally, a lawsuit initiated by Hartford Insurance Co. against Bergquist, contesting the indemnified revenue loss claims by Bergquist due to the lost revenue from the inferior quality of the touch-screens they supplied to Pivot, would have created devastatingly bad press for the company.  And since America has a very bad press to begin with, this vital information needed by the American voting public, was once again spiked and suppressed by the MSM and its gatekeeper, The New York Times.
The irony in all this is that these electronic touch-screen voting machines were to replace the inaccurate and "obsolete" paper ballot machines made famous during the vote counts in Florida in the 2000 presidential election.  But Rather's investigation exposed the fact that exceedingly poor quality paper ballot card stock was used by Sequoia Voting Systems of Exeter, California.  In order to reduce costs, or so it would seem, the management of Sequoia ignored warnings and official chain-of-command quality control safeguards that were attempted by employees and used inferior paper in spite of vehement employee objections.  Sequoia management knowingly used inferior paper that quality control at their factory proved well before the fact would not punch cleanly thereby creating major problems.  And these revelations were made to Sequoia management in the late 1990s and long before the 2000 election.
The paper ballot system was exrtremely accurate ­ it failed because inferior quality tab card paper was substituted.  And to remedy the problem, the paper ballot machines were replaced by the electronic BRUs and their touch-screen systems manufactured by ES&S.  And now that the ES&S electronic voting systems have been proven to be unbelievably unreliable, these too are being replaced by yet better machines.  The better machines?  Optical electronic scanners will now replace the touch-screen technology.  The manufacturer? You guessed it: Election Systems & Software Corporation!
In an article by the Associated Press published Monday, December 31st, and entitled "Vote machine flaws force scramble," the report opens: "With the presidential race in full swing, some U.S. states have found critical flaws in the accuracy and security of their electronic voting machines, forcing officials to scramble to return to the paper ballots they abandoned after the 2000 Florida debacle."  But the AP totally ignores the fact that "officials" have had more than seven years to both look into the problem and to determine its root cause: the use of inferior tab paper.
The article goes on: "In December alone, top election officials in Ohio and Colorado declared that widely used voting equipment is unfit for elections.  'Every system that is out there, one state or another has found that they are no good,' said John Gideon of the advocacy group Voters Unite.  'Everybody is starting to look at this now and starting to realize that there is something wrong.'" 
I had warned readers of this coming "surprise" as far back as August 2007, at about the time Dan Rather broadcast his exposé.  Isn't it amazing that "everybody is starting to look at this now?"  And just look at what the AP offers at this time: "Florida's unclearly marked ballots in the disputed 2000 race between Al Gore and George W. Bush exposed the imperfection of paper ballot counting and helped lead to a $3 billion government initiative to bring voting to the digital age.  The Help America Vote Act of 2002 required that states have electronic equipment in place by 2008."  But the real problem was only in the inferior paper used, not the machine or the system. 
This is what happens when a cause and effect analysis is not undertaken to get to the real root cause of a problem; not only does it not get solved, but government mandates by bubbleheaded government buffoons makes the problem worse while needlessly squandering our tax dollars to boot!  Yet further, "researchers in Ohio and Colorado found that electronic voting systems could be corrupted with magnets or with Treos and other similar handheld devices.  In Colorado, two kinds of Sequoia Voting Systems electronic voting machines used in Denver and three other counties were decertified because of security weaknesses, including lack of password protection.  Equipment made by Election Systems and Software had programming errors.  And optical scanning machines, made by Hart InterCivic, had an error rate of one out of every 100 votes during tests by the state."  But the error factor due to Bergquist-manufactured screens was at 50 percent or more!
It is clear that no one and no agency in American government gives a damn about the accuracy of voting in America.  The Establishment's propaganda arm, the MSM, gives only lip service to the importance of voting.  It is only important to them in terms of the huge revenues and advertising profits they accumulate from the American election farce and vote fraud. These problems have existed for more than seven years, yet only now the MSM and The Establishment shills in government are looking into the matter.  These revelations are not news; they are the MSM's prepatory conditioning for the American voter to get ready for yet another round of shaky voting results.  So don't be too surprised if Ron Paul only gets three votes in the upcoming GOP primaries!
© THEODORE E. LANG 1/03/08 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.
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