Jerusalem Post Deletes Radio Interview
By Barry Chamish

Josh Wander, the gutsy Jerusalem Post Radio interviewer, who's conversation with me was placed on the Weekender section of the Post's radio page last Thursday, just called to say that, "Our interview was taken off the site. The order came from higher-ups."
In that interview, I traced Ariel Sharon's ties to the Council On Foreign Relations and promised listeners that there would be no change of policy with the new prime minister, only a change of style. Oslo would continue and its promulgators, Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres would lead the cabinet as before.
"I think what got them angry, "explained Wander, "were your accusations against Henry Kissinger. I heard he's on the Post board." That wouldn't surprise me since the chairman of this board is CFR hotshot Conrad Black.
In the past few days I have received a torrent of mail about the interview. Typical was this comment from Australia; "Israel has a true free media. In Australia they ban opinions against the CFR and other hidden governors." Wander noted, "I know, it's like the Rabin assassination, you were hushed up."
Was the interview deleted because I used salacious language or made false accusations? My correspondence hints at nothing of the kind. Here is a letter from an editor of the ZNS press service;
Hi Barry:
Shalom, and "todah rabah" for the link to your "Jerusalem Post" radio interview. I found it fascinating for several reasons.
First, it was gratifying to me to hear you expose the CFR. You did a magnificent job, especially considering the limited time available to you on that show. You were superb!
Second, you packed more meat and potatoes into the few minutes available to you than any other guest I've heard on radio. Your presentation was very, very well organized, it never flagged, and you articulated your points clearly.
Third, your familiarity with the past 50 years or so of international political history was readily apparent. You came across to me as a extremely intelligent, mature, level-headed, and dedicated scholar-journalist. I salute you!
Again, many thanks for pointing me to your radio interview. Hearing your voice and delivery style helped me think of you more as a real person, a friend of mine in Israel.
If you know Rabbi Marvin Antelman, and if you could visit him, he could show you his copy of my recent book, "Money -- Ye shall have honest weights and measures." To find out more about "Money," visit
"Money" blows the whistle on the CFR but does so only indirectly.
Best wishes, Jim Ewart
So, I'm hushed up, meanwhile, Sharon is determined to place two totally corrupt politicos in his cabinet. Barak will soon face the music for approving an election financing scam involving fleecing foreign donors through phoney charitable funds which lined his back pocket, and Peres's central role in murdering Yitzhak Rabin will soon become the country's scandal of the century.
And meanwhile, eight young men and women are murdered in a bus atrocity and Hizbullah murders a soldier on patrol and our government exacts precisely no revenge.
And meanwhile, Arafat flies to Spain and Morocco last week, followed by a snap visit to Israel by Spain's prime minister and our government hides the fact that its decisions are being determined through Spain and the Vatican.
And meanwhile I am being fed information which I cannot yet confirm but which you're going to get anyway. I'm told Clinton's Marc Rich pardon is leading in a most unpleasant direction for him. Certain people tracing the extent of his bribes have uncovered tantalizing hints that Clinton was about to receive a huge chunk of money from an Arab oil account if he succeeded in getting Israel out of Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem before the end of his term.
And on Dec. 31/2000, the first conference on the Rabin assassination was held in Jerusalem. I am told the event terrified our security establishment so much that they decided to create a diversion so big, that it would sabotage the conference. The incident was the murder of Binyamin Kahane and his wife Talya.
That's what I was told.
And now, for doing my best to save my dying nation, the Jerusalem Post has deleted their radio interview with me. If you think that is unfair, their complaints dept. can be reached at
Look what that interview uncovered. Thanks to the courage of Josh Wander, solid proof of Sharon's CFR connections emerged. Read this beauty:
General Meeting
Videoconference from Tel Aviv to New York and Washington, DC Wednesday, January 24, 2001
"A Conversation with Ariel Sharon"
Ariel Sharon Chairman, Israel's Likud Party
New York Presider: Marilyn Berger Journalist
Washington, DC Presider: Judith Kipper Director, Middle East Forum, Council on Foreign Relations
Video Presentation
To view these proceedings, you will need Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher, running on a Windows 98, NT, or 2000 operating system. Mac versions are also available. You can download the player for FREE. %d)
Play Video Sharon - 56k
Play Video Sharon - 250k
This meeting was on the record.
Copyright 2001 by the Council on Foreign Relations, Inc. All rights reserved.
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* * *
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