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Recount Efforts For New
Hampshire - Paul Must Act

Devvy Kidd
A friend of mine who is a former NH legislator was on the phone to the Secretary of State in New Hampshire today.
Dave has informed me that only the candidate can request the recount.
It has come to my attention that the Granny Warriors have started a citizen grass roots recount drive and have raised $8,565.00 already today. See link:
They have provided the rules for recount here:
According to the link above:
New Hampshire Election Statutes
State or Presidential Primary Recounts
660:7 Application. Any person for whom a vote was cast for any nomination of any party at a state or presidential primary may apply for a recount. The application shall be made in writing to the secretary of state and shall be submitted no later than the Friday after the primary for a recount of all ballots cast for such nomination. Each candidate requesting a recount shall pay the secretary of state fees as provided in RSA 660:2.
It would appear that only Dr. Paul can make this request to the Secretary of State and there's a short time frame.
I have checked the Secetary of State's on-line Voting Manual found here:
Page 154 begins the rules and regs for recounts.
I've been deluged with email about what can you do?
You can contact Ron Paul's New Hampshire HQ here:

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