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Anniversary Five
Of Shock & Awe

Jim Kirwan

The term we used to begin the War on Iraq five years ago today was taken from "Operation Shekhinah" which was the Israeli war plan for seizing the Arab Oilfields, as part of the creation of 'Greater Israel.'

"The coordination and precision of the attacks on New York and Washington, point to the direct involvement of one or more first-world government agencies. The resulting chaos was unquestionably as strategic as it was deadly.




The global impact of Operation Shekhinah cannot be overstated. Allowing Israel to position itself in southern Iraq, steal the oil and thereby place itself beyond sanction would be grossly irresponsible. Not only would the "new" Israel directly threaten the remaining Arab States, it would indirectly also threaten Britain, Europe, Russia, Japan and China. We know that information about Operation Shekhinah was received by at least some of these countries by late March 2001, but we do not know how many. Operation Shekhinah could easily turn the global strategic balance upside down, a reality that one or more of the countries listed above might not be prepared to allow." (1)

Today, five years exactly from that day, "Shock & Awe" has failed. We are the most powerful nation on the earth, militarily, and despite the fact that this 'war' will cost us three trillion dollars so far: we have not prevailed. Bush spoke to the nation today from deep inside the War Department, and proclaimed our success: But when America wins a war, we hold ticker-tape parades down Fifth Avenue in New York City-we do not need to have 'victory' explained to us by a third rate cheerleader who does not know one end of a weapon from the other. The Decider knows nothing about the need for winning anything beyond our bombs our torture, our own infliction of terror upon the innocent that we dispense so freely, with every bullet that is fired in fear.

If the nation knew anything about what we've really been doing for these last five years: Then the testimony from the Winter Soldier's Conference that was given in Silver Spring Maryland this last week, would have been front page news across the nation. As it is the conference was held under a news blackout with the exception of Pacifica Radio. (2)

I've listened to Winter Soldiers now for a very long time, not just on this 5th anniversary of the War. Much of what has been done in our names is unspeakably vile, inhuman, and virtually unforgiveable by any human or spiritual standard, which is why so many chose suicide, while others try to live with their individual horrors. What has been attempted inIraq and Afghanistan by the owners, for whom the Decider speaks, cannot continue in the world because for any society to ever succeed it has to be built

on the trust of those individuals living within that society. 'Trust' cannot 

be bought or sold, nor can it be inflicted from the barrels of our weapons - it must be earned!

"Freedom" can never come from totalitarian occupations: we have proven that in every pre-emptive attack we've undertaken over the last sixty years. Freedom can only arise from the determination of free people to throw off their chains, whether those chains are physical, emotional, or psychological. 'We' are not serving those who seek freedom in Iraq orAfghanistan: Quite the contrary our "troops" over there have been used as the 21st Century version of what was initiated by the SS under the Nazi's. At home, our civil police forces are being militarized as well, in order to bring to us that which our troops are currently bringing to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Beyond the War itself, the proof of what is outlined above is everywhere.

Victory-in-Iraq would mean that the people there, after five years time, would have electricity, drinkable water, and some semblance of a civil society. This has not happened. Schools and hospitals would have been rebuilt, and human life for Iraqi's would be improving. That is not happening either. If Victory had been accomplished then American Gulags, like Abu Ghraib would have been turned over to Iraqi control, along with control over all of Iraq's Oil and their other resources: but since this was the point of the whole exercise-obviously that has not and will not happen!

What about the rest of the Decider's lies this morning? He claimed again that we are safer now than before: That Saddam had - had to be removed. However he forgot to mention that Saddam, through the CIA, was our own creation. We supplied the gas that Saddam used to "gas his own people," and after Saddam did that he remained in the very good graces of the USA. And those Weapons of Mass Destruction, we "knew" he had: That was because we had the invoices from 42 different suppliers that provided those weapons to him, and that is why so many "believed" that Saddam still had them. Of course everyone, basically without any military knowledge or experience, has always overlooked the twelve years between the first and second attack upon Iraq, and the bombings that we unofficially carried out 24-7 throughout those twelve long years of sanctions and no-fly zones when the WMD's disappeared.

Here at home the Decider says we are safer. Maybe we should count the ways! We have lost millions upon millions of jobs and we have lost the freedom to travel without submitting to government oversight. Within less than a month we shall all be required to carry, at all times, our Real ID cards which will be required in any financial transaction-to insure that this government KNOWS every thing that every person does. (3)




At the core of all of these radical changes in the way we all must live amid the rubble of what America once was: is the compact by which any Republic or Democracy must function. That compact was created only "by and with the consent of the governed."

Practically speaking, each of us is in business with the government, because government has its hands in all our pockets and our bank accounts, each and every minute of everyday of every year: and now they have gone further. Under the Patriot Acts, both one and two, they can simply take whatever they want from us, without warrants, without evidence, and without any form of our consent: And they can do this with total immunity from any and all prosecution for their illegal transgressions into the core of our very lives!

This is not a partnership ­ this has become indentured servitude! We've lost our Constitutional Republic to a privately controlled corporate construct. USA Incorporated has replaced the courts and the congress. The Fed which is also privately controlled is now loaning bailout money to the same criminals that just finished looting the entire housing industry-and in the process has precipitated the collapse of the entire economy of not just the USA, but possibly a large part of the world economy as well. Instead of failure and possibly prison: these criminals will not only be exonerated, but saved from all consequences for their illegal and immoral activities.

Compare what the government has steadfastly refused to do to help Joe or Jane Citizen, over the last five years-and then remember that government went into overdrive (on a Sunday), to rescue their monetary co-conspirators in this latest case!


"You know the reason they did it this way was because, if Bear Stearns had to declare bankruptcy, you'd realize that Bear Stearns paid out billions of dollars in bonuses in January - six weeks ago. If he let them go into bankruptcy, they all would have had to send back their bonuses.


This is what they're doing, they're doing it so they don't have to give back their bonuses. That's why they didn't put them into bankruptcy. Jamie Dimon has gotten a great deal because the Federal Reserve is paying for it. The Federal Reserve is using taxpayer money to buy a bunch of Bear Stearns traders' Mazeratis." (4)

Being in Business is like a marriage, and when it goes bad then the wronged partner needs to completely change that situation. If the leadership of any business cannot be trusted they must be fired, and prosecuted if criminality is involved: When cheating is involved in a marriage then those involved need to consider dissolution. The very same things are true of this compact with government and the people of the United States, that the compact supposedly serves, and because it is clear that the government has become the true enemy of the people they must be held accountable.

It's been Five Years too long and this entire charade must end now!
1) Operation Shekhinah, Part Three
2) Winter Soldier Hearings
3) What's the Point
4) Jim Rogers on the Bear-Sterns Buyout
Financial Meltdown ­ an explanatory video
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