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$5 Trillion To Bail Out
Fannie And Freddie

From Cliff Mickelson
....Because that's what it's going to take to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...
But, not to worry! Our fearless leaders can simply order the Treasury Dept. to print it up and we can borrow it back with interest from the not-so-Federal Reserve! Makes perfect voodoo-economic sense to me!
My only other issue with the otherwise acerbic NY Times article linked below is it's half-hearted attempt to make excuses for the actions of the Federal Reserve under the tenure of Lord Greenspan.
Despite what we are told ad-nauseam by the press...The actions of the Fed under the Marionette hand of "Sir" Greenspan were NOT erroneous. Greenspan (and the shadowy clique of International Banksters who pulled his strings) knew EXACTLY what they were doing. (And...This aint the first time, Virginia)
What we see happening now is just part of the same old plan. You will notice that the Fed is now rushing forward to be an integral part of the "solution"! How selfless and considerate of them! Are we grateful yet?
Of course we are!...The gullible American Sheeple will bleat thankfully as they follow their Judas-Goat leadership all the way to the Bankster's final solution.
Perhaps, from a historical point of view.. its all for the best. Somebody needs to end this charade and finally put Lassie out of her misery! It's painful to watch the betrayed trust of the doe-eyed old girl continue to limp on so faithfully.
-Cliff Mickelson

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