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Dr. Zorba Hates Your Liver
By Alan Graham 
With Alfred Lehmberg 
See, NPR's Dr. Zorba Pastuer, once again, puts his "ignorant hatred" on display via his syndicated radio show!  It's either that, reader, or he just refuses to say anything good about alternative therapies including natural herbs or supplements. Though, you would think he should recommend, when appropriate, foods that might help - especially when specificallyasked, eh? 
One female caller, for example, wanted to know what supplements and foods a person should consume to protect their Liver. As usual, Zorba's answer was beyond inadequate... he essentially said there was nothing he knew of to help the liver except "don't drink alcohol in excess" and "don't get fat"... gee, thanks for less than nothing,  Docca Z-man!
I'm not surprised he didn't mention Milk-Thistle or any of the other very well known and very valid liver supplements used for thousands of years, but couldn't he at least tell the lady about foods that help and hurt the liver; after all, he claims to be a nutritional expert.  He's written a book, anyway.
Toward the end I will list some other good liver-supp's like the Milk-Thistle mentioned above. Milk-Thistle, while we're here, is nothing less than extraordinary, considering it can detox your liver while it stimulates the production of new liver cells (for all you ex-drinkers, like me) and about a dozen other things to include being a powerful, immune-enhancing Cancer-fighter.
Silymarin, the group of active ingredients in Milk-Thistle, has been used by Medical Doctors in Germany for almost 60 years to treat all forms of liver disease like hepatitis & cirrhosis. Those Teutons drink a lot of beer & wine. Gee, Zorba lectures all over the world to other MD's... don't they share info?  Does Zorba hear a different drummer? Uh, like Merck, you think?
FOODS to eat and foods to avoid:
(A).. Bitter Greens - like Parsley, Cilantro, Endive, Arugula, Watercress and Dandelion, these are powerful, "Liver De-Tox Greens." These astringent foods help protect the liver from the ravages of smoking, drinking, and toxic pollution while they clean and revitalize the liver and gall bladder.
(B).. Food Fats and Oils - In my humble opinion there are only 4 (well, maybe 5) acceptable FOOD-Fats!  These love your liver: 
1). Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) - a "true" MONO-oil at 76% Mono. Use everywhere.  Don't believe the silly theory that you can't bake with olive oil because of the "fruitiness"...not so, Olive oil makes baked goods taste rich, not fruity.
You see Olive Oil is "magical"!  On foods and in dishes where you want the bold flavor, it is there!  Though, in dishes where you don't want that exotic taste, it somehow "knows" to disappear. Weird!  Bottom line: use EVO for EVERYTHING.
2). Macadamia Nut Oil - the other "true" MONO-oil at the HIGHEST % Mono at 80%.  Also, Macadamia Nut Oil has the highest Smoke-Point of any UNrefined oil, at close to 400F! This is probably the best food oil in the world... but it is considerably more expensive than Olive Oil and, to be honest, it is a very bland tasting oil.
Believe me; you would never see Don Corleone "dipping" chunks of Italian bread in a dish of Macadamia Nut oil and eating it with nothing else... like he would certainly do with rich, "fruity", Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, with its "other-worldly" taste.
Your liver loves olive oil... in fact, the most popular liver cleanse out there is done with olive oil and lemon juice... there are several variations on the web... pick the easiest one.
3). Hexane-Free, unrefined Coconut Oil - is especially loved by your liver because of the wonderful and unique solid SatFat, MCT's, (medium-chain-triglycerides or medium-chain-fatty-acids) making up Coconut Oil also make it solid below 76 degrees Fahrenheit! 
FYI : This means in the tropics (where it comes from) and in YOUR BODY it is Liquid... for all you Dieticians and other assorted Bone-Heads who refer to it as a "solid Saturated Fat," with a self-righteous smirk, as if describing monkey dung.  You're wrong.  Step off.
See, MCT's ARE singularly unique! Consider, LCFA's, (long-chain-Fatty-acids) found in animal satfat and food oils, require Liver-Enzymes to begin to digest these longer chains! Conversely, to digest the shorter MCT's or MCFA's one only needs saliva and stomach acid!  This is a really big deal!
You see, liver-Enzymes otherwise required for digestion of long chain fats may be in short supply.  These are conserved. Also, even if these enzymes are in abundance, the Long-Chainedprocess is very slow compared to the Medium-Chained, metabolic "speed-racer" Fatty-Acids of coconut oil! 
This "speed" is why Coconut oil MCT's are in EVERY baby formula on the shelf, actually, and VERY high in Mother's Milk!  See, babies have underdeveloped "Desaturase Enzyme Systems" so they cannot readily digest LCFA's... but MCT's easily zip straight through to the cell's Energy-Center, the Mitochondria, providing the instant energy and heat for babies to develop rapidly.
This is also why it can help adults lose weight... it's called "Thermogenesis." Eating solid SatFat that is good for your heart & to lose weight ...who would'a thunk it?  Clearly not the Zorbster!
4). Real Butter - is good for you, as opposed to Margarine, which is pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) and is a nutritional abomination of the highest order. 
Go to France. By law, the butter in France must meet a very high percentage of butter-fat... none higher in the world!  The lowest they allow is higher than our highest! It's the law!
Return to the US.  With regard to life-span, we in the heartland are down around #19 or #20 in the world... and we've used margarine and put pHVO in every processed food we could,avoiding butter! 
The French are #2 or #3...and they put real, high butter-fat butter... on EVERYTHING.  Don't be surprised to see it on watermelon over there!
I've been to France several times - I think they all start smoking at 13 (that's a guess) and they will "Party" till 4 AM, even during the week... so with the #2 life-span in the world, I would submit that the French -using gobs of butter, olive oil and red wine- can even trump smoking and "party-till-you-puke" decadence!  I want that for America!
Remaining. It is puzzling... at least!  Or not!
See, the lesson here is *UNDAMAGED* Solid SatFat is good for you and is critical for dozens of bodily functions <AND> it does not cause Heart Disease - no more than the Inuit people's diet of blubber (solid SatFat) causes Heart Disease... they out-live everyone... ...and with the lowest incidence of Heart and Vascular disease on the planet? Yes! 
Too, they appear to be very nearly immune to MS and other autoimmune diseases, forgetting all that "Complex" Omega-3 keeps them "Frisky" and "Rubbing-Noses" right to "The End"...no need for Viagra-vated genitals in the old igloo, boy! "Viagra-vated genitals"... C'mon, I don't care who you are, that's funny.
No Folks, the "Fats" that stop your heart and erode your life quality are oxidized -even though it's "fresh" from the store- Poly-Unsat "Vegetable Oils"! These are oils like Soy andCorn, and TransFat from Hydrogenated Poly-Unsat Vegetable Oils turned into Manmade "Fake" SatFat like Crisco and Margarine.  Both of the preceding are found in virtually all processed foods and deep-fat fryers in this country. Golden Deep-Fat death.
5). Technically, there is a 5th category - Flaxseed and Hempseed are "Medicinal-Oils" but if you're careful they can be used as "Food-Oils" on anything cold, like salad. Don't leave eitherexposed to air any longer than you have to!  The Omega-6 (GLA) and the Omega-3 (ALA) will oxidize... rapidly!
(C).. Cruciferous Veggies - like Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussels' Sprouts and Bok Choi are the other hi-fiber, very healthful, vegetables for the liver... they have a particularly arcane and potent anti-oxidant which can help protect you from cancer... among other diseases.
TRIVIA? Cruciferous comes from the word Crucifix, because the little flower on the plant is shaped like a Cross.
Even though daily eating large amounts of raw Bitter Greens, Cruciferous Veggies and Veggies in general, is very healthful, it is also very difficult because most people don't like raw veggies unless they are covered with some toxic crap (commercial salad dressings) to hide the taste...
..."So Please", let me teach you how to make a "Liver and Heart Healthy Vinaigrette with Avocado" that can make even beets palatable - yeah, I know it sounds like a lie, because as we all know, humans don't actually eat beets, but it is true...yeah, Beets or anything for that matter. 
FYI - On the other hand, supplemental Beet-Root in capsules happens to be great for your Liver. Of course beets have several phyto-chemicals (same as beet-root) that are also great for your liver - if humans only ate beets.
"SUPER-DUPER SALAD DRESSING": Olive Oil Vinaigrette with Avocado - the avocado is optional, of course but it is unreal what avocado does when you grind or blend it into the Vinaigrette below!  
1.  Red Wine Vinegar. Balsamic Vinegar tastes the best but it is pretty high in sugar.  If you are a slim, non-diabetic, active person, then by all means throw some Balsamic in with the other sour stuff.
2. Lemon Juice ...fresh is best. By using some Lemon juice (Alkaline-forming food) instead of only Vinegar (mildly Acid-forming food) it makes the dressing pH a little more Alkaline...plus it has this great synergy with the blended Avocado. However, I have found that too much lemon can be a little "over-powering."
3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or the other Mono-Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil) ...Here's where my dressing is different. Many people, like the gastronomically snooty French, think there is a "Law" that Vinaigrettes MUST be at an Oil to Sour ratio of 2 to 1; however, I reverse that and use a ratio of 1 to 2... so, it is mostly lemon and vinegar. This means you need to use a lot of Stevia or Xylitol to cut the "Sour-stuff," but that's fine... just NEVER use sugar. 
The beauty of making your own dressing is you can try different Oil to Vinegar Ratios. Yes, the Olive Oil is heart healthy, but why consume more of it than you need to.  Still, if you're French and don't want to be fined by the SP's (Social Police), then by all means, use a 2 to 1 ratio.
4. Ripe Avocado: Mix in blender with other ingredients until it is thick enough to nicely coat Veggies... I have a tendency to throw in too much Avocado so it gets TOO thick. 
5. A little bit of Sun Dried Sea Salt. Don't believe the "No Salt, Low Salt" Crap that "doctors" and dieticians perpetuate - you need a moderate amount of salt to make the stomach acid required to digest food! Please only use Sun-dried or Himalayan Sea Salt! The Salt must be pink, grey or off-white... NEVER pure white (indicates no Trace Minerals). Grocery stores sell the processed "Sea Salt" with NO trace minerals.
6 Coconut Oil (Optional) - Use just a little to give it a very mild coconut taste that is very synergistic with the Avocado and lemon.
Believe me, you will be amazed because the blended Avocado in the Vinaigrette creates a kind of "Green-Goddess" dressing making all those toxic store-bought "Green" dressings taste like green slime... which, of course, they are. 
FYI - they are "slime" (even Paul Newman's Own, may he rest in peace) because they all use oxidized POLY-unsat Oil like Soy or Corn instead of MONO-unsat Oil like Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Mr. Newman deserves better than that.
Back to bad salad dressing, sometimes a front label might say "Olive Oil" dressing but when you turn it over and read the "Supp' Fact's" it will likely be one of the following :
(a). It only has about 10% or 20% Olive Oil and 80% or 90% Canola "Crap"...uh, I mean oil.  The ubiquitous "Subway" franchise uses one of these 10% "olive oils" and readily refers to it as "OLIVE OIL"...tsk, tsk. The girl should say "Sir, do you want some 1/10th Olive oil, Oil?"
(b). Or if by some slim chance it actually has a significant amount of olive oil (like maybe 50%), it will be about as Extra Virgin as Paris Hilton... the oil will not be a dark vibrant green, like from the first pressing... because with subsequent pressings the oxidation increases and it will become a dull, lackluster blondish-yellow color, like its been around the block, a time or two...sort of like the Hilton chick? No judgments, just observations.  I digress.
(1).. Margarine, P'nut Butter, Baked Goods or any other processed food with TransFat from pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil)... even if the label SCREAMS "ZERO TransFat". Natural P'Nut Butter, of course, where the oil floats to the top, is OK.
You MUST always look in the "Ingredient Section" for pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil). A product can have 1/2 gram or less of TransFat/pHVO per serving and still call itself "ZERO TransFat." 
See, things like Margarine and P'nut Butter can have small servings where that 1/2 gram of TransFat looms large...  but still say "ZERO TransFat" in BIG letters on the front... only to list pHVO or HVO in very fine print on the back!  People NEVER make the connection that the "partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil" molecule, IS the TransFat molecule. So if it has pHVO in the ingredients then it CANNOT BE ZERO TRANSFAT.  How is this not a lie by any other name, reader?
We know transFat from pHVO is a twisted and toxic molecule readily if errantly incorporated into the cell-wall of every cell in your body, causing disease and aging... plus your liver finds pHVO particularly vile and damaging! HVO is found in virtually every commercially processed food where you might find fats or oils... and some places you wouldn't expect to find a toxic, manmade Fat, like in "FlintStones" Children's Vitamins. Is nothing sacred? 
The FDA has actually tried for decades to hide the fact that TransFat was in almost all our processed foods while most of the rest of the "1st World" countries had banned or voluntarily stopped using pHVO.  Apparently, the Leaders at the FDA were psychologically abused as children and not breast fed.
This evil vegetable shortening (like Crisco) really came to the fore after WW-2, as a cheap way to feed the "masses" of the "Baby-Boom", utilizing our multi-purposeful, resource from the vast U.S. open plains, Corn and Corn Oil.
This PolyUnsaturated Corn Oil, through Hydrogenation, was cheaply converted to a toxic, solid, vegetable shortening (Man-made Saturated Fat) that your liver never encountered in a million of years of human evolution, yet in the 1940's became the ubiquitous "Oleo-Margarine." 
This is also when a long list of diseases appeared that had never been heard of or were virtually unheard of... like Fibromyalgia or children with "Adult"-onset-diabetes".
When I was a little boy, not only did my grandmother put down her burdensome butter-churn but she would get misty-eyed when telling me that it was a miracle how us poor people were so blessed to have a cheap, heart-healthy "butter" made from vegetable oil... praise the Lord for Oleo!
Folks! The twisted, perverted Hydrogenated vegetable oil molecule does not do one good thing... it contributes adversely to EVERY disease and defines the aggregate unhealthful! 
So why do all those Captains of Industry (who also weren't Breast-Fed) love pHVO?  Well, it has an extremely long shelf-life so Mrs. Cartman can buy "Snacky-Cakes" and "Cheezy-Poofs" in bulk for her "big-boned" lad Eric, and our psychopathic "Cap's of Ind" won't have to pay for spoilage of "goods" unsold!
The horror, reader.  For years Dr. Zorba has encouraged the use of margarine, so he must not understand the dangers of transfat... or chooses to ignore them.  I vote for the latter.  As a Doctor he has to know.
I recall during one show, Zorba's sidekick, Tom Clark, ask "Z" if a person could substitute butter for margarine in a recipe they were going through (they do one recipe every show) and Zorba YELLED (I'm not exaggerating...I jumped)...an emphatic, booming...NO !! It was about one octave below an SS dude screaming "NO, you Swinehund!"  Suspicious ignorance at high volume... always a tell of the canted ideologue, eh?
The reason I even mention this seemingly insignificant event is, think about it... have you ever seen a cooking show or can you even imagine a person on a cooking show, asking if they could substitute butter for margarine, where the cook yells "NO" like a Nazi rabble-rouser... in fact, what does the cook say, in a nice calm voice, in real life or in your imagination... they ALWAYS say "Why yes, of course...You can substitute virtually ANYTHING for ANYTHING... that is the beauty of creative cooking."
But no, not in Zorba's World... and he will react strangely aggressive if you even hint at trying to replace a Man-Made, toxic Faux-Fat (margarine) with a natural Real-Fat (butter), which humans have consumed in relative safety for a million years... in one or the other of many forms of *Undamaged* Saturated Fat.
(2)..  All "POLY" unsaturated food oil (like Soy, Corn, Canola, Safflower, Sunflower, Cottonseed, Grape seed, Peanut and more).
POLY-Oils FYI: Are rancid and toxic when "fresh from the store," remember, but you can't smell the rancidity because the oil is RBDed (refined, bleached, deodorized) at extremely high heat to destroy the odor... but the RBDing can't do a darn thing to lower the toxicity of the already oxidized oil! The resulting free-radicals attack your Liver, Heart, and Joints... so Dieticians LIE when they tell you that grocery store Vegetable Oil (usually Soy or Corn) is heart healthy. 
(a).. Canola Oil - Dr. Zorba, et al, are always saying that Canola Oil is a heart-healthy, MONO-unsat Oil...(here it comes...), "Just like Olive Oil." Let me sound off with a "NO" of my own!  See, you nutritional geniuses can keep on calling it a Mono-oil just because at 56% Mono, you have those pesky mathematics on your side, but to say it is just like Olive Oil is a gross misrepresentation! Here's why:
All edible oils will always have 3 types of FA's (Fatty-Acids) - Mono-Unsat, Poly-Unsat and solid SatFat but these fats at wildly different ratios!  It is those ratios that mean EVERYTHING. Also it is the "Poly-Unsat" that goes rancid easily due to the heat of pressing... NOT the Mono or SatFat.
OK, so Olive Oil, coming from a soft fruit, is one of the reasons it does not require RBDing due to lower pressing temps, but the primary reason is because Olive Oil has a negligible percentage of Poly-oil (remember it's the poly that will easily go rancid) at only 8% Poly. See, because of the large 76% Mono and the fairly large SatFat at 16%,(a good thing) this means there's not room left over for much Poly... so 8% poly means no need for oil poisoning RBD processes!
Conversely, Canola or Rapeseed Oils, coming from a hard seed, do require RBDing due to higher pressing temps promoting spoilage, but primarily because it has a large % of Poly-oil (which will go rancid) at a significant 35%!   See, the low 56% Mono and a low SatFat (a bad thing that it's low) leaves lots of space to be filled by Poly - hence the 35% poly will get you RBDed!
So, technically, you idiots performing such can continue to call canola oil a "mono-oil"... but don't you dare, then, tack on the stupid line, "and it's just like olive oil." The 56% Mono portion cannot undo the damage done by the rancid 35% Poly portion... so stop being a Bone-Head and start calling it a Poly-Oil, because it's the Poly part that is slowly killing you!
Oh yeah - the 8% Omega-3 that the "Liars" say is in Canola, well, it's in there... BUT it is an extremely sensitive Poly-Oil, remember, prone to ready spoilage, so that 8% of the 35% poly total is the FIRST fatty-acid to go rancid at pressing. In fact, that 8% will go rancid 6 or 8 times faster than the 27% of remaining poly oil... which will go rancid, too, just a littleslower.
SO LISTEN UP - to get non-oxidized Omega-3 Oil from a seed it must be pressed with added expensive REFRIGERATION... just like with "Medicinal Oils" such as Flaxseed Oil or Black Currant Seed Oil, and then refrigerated after opening. Toxic grocery store Canola Oil hasn't seen any refrigeration lately... Canola Oil is quality of life destroying Crap, people!
As promised at the top of this paper, some Liver Supplements:
1).. NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) - dirt cheap powerful liver antioxidant but most importantly is the precursor to the # 1, hands-down, most valuable antioxidant that we produce: Glutathione (also called GSH). We make less GSH as we get older but taking supplemental GSH is not very effective ...so take the precursor instead - at least 600mg of NAC w/o food but please always take 1000mg of Vit.C with it. NAC is cheap but GSH... not so cheap.
The largest store of GSH is in the liver where, on the cellular level, it removes toxins like mercury, lead and even that oxidized Canola Oil you wrongfully ate.
2).. TMG (Trimethylglycine) - also dirt cheap but powerful liver Supplement that protects the liver from toxins, helps process fats, and SO much more. Also, along with folic acid, B-6 and B-12, TMG protects your heart from Homocysteine damage that is the real reason for the inflammation leading to most heart disease and blocked arteries... so STOP blaming too much cholesterol!  If it's too high, it is because the cholesterol is responding to the inflamed artery, not because you eat high cholesterol foods.
3).. SAMe - NOT dirt cheap, so if money is tight, forget about SAMe. If money is not a problem then by all means take advantage of SAMe's Multi-Effects, like Liver protection, Joint and Cartilage repair, production of Neurotransmitters (emotional stability) and it also helps increase GSH. A 30 day supply is about $20 to $25.
OK, that's it...I hope you can now begin to appreciate the depth of Dr. Zorba's incompetence!  Actually this is pretty minor in comparison to his many other, less than brilliant, observations. One day I plan on writing a book called "There's NO Omega-3 in Cod-Liver Oil" hi-lighting Dr. Z's on-air comments, see, actually there is about 220mg of Omega-3 in every gram of CLO. 
Dr. Zorba? You have your own nation wide radio show, teach in Med schools, and travel the world lecturing doctors from other countries, so here's a bit of advice: if ever lecturing in Iceland or Norway, don't say there's no Omega-3 in Cod Liver Oil, Ok? The Icelanders and Norwegians will think you are a nose-bubbling idiot...
Write as you like -- <>alan068@centurytel.net
Until next time, well be.
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