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Financial Dictatorship
Coming To A Govt Near You
By Robert Artusy 

The ultimate outcome for a corruption driven lobbyist in Washington, D.C. is the  complete severance of citizen control over their masters.  The psychology that one person, or group, or branch of government in control can solve problems is the definition of dictatorship. After 40 years, I can still look my fellow revolutionaries in the eye and say once again, "You can't change the system from within, it will only corrupt you."

Giving the Executive branch the discretionary power over the fate of 100 million American home owners is a fundamental change in government. This is not just about bailing out Wall Street, or more government power over the private sector, it is about the Executive given more power to control Americans directly.  Giving the government direct financial power over you eliminates the "separation of powers" between public and private financial institutions. Good if your party is in power, disastrous if not. Who will you vote for, someone who will foreclose on you or bail you out? Someone who will give you a lifeline of credit or cut you off?

Recently, congress passed a war act bill giving the president unbridled war powers, V.P. Dick Cheney challenged the balance of powers between the branches of government, the president marked up thousands of congressional bills to only enforce what the executive wanted to do, and now the treasury is given absolute power over who gets bailed out and who fails in the private sector. 

The final outcome of a representative form of government that consolidates power in one city, paid for by corrupt special interests, using financial debt at a weapon of mass destruction against her own people is failure.

This is a dark day for America and the world.

Robert Artusy

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