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The Beauty Queen
Packs A Gun

Sheryl Jackson

In all sincerity, when I first saw Sara Palin, I thought she might actually be the Harbinger of Grief to us Democrocks and a strong runner for the Repugnant Party. But then I listened to her talking and realized that this was a Right Wing nutball. Then it occurred to me,that since I had not seen or heard anything about Dick Cheney lately could this pretty woman be Dick Cheney in Drag??

She does not believe that women should be able to do what they want with their eggs. She believes that women should be forced to have children whether they have a steady mate or not, whether they have been raped or not, or the result of incest. There is something unequivocally wrong with a woman bearing the child of her father or brother or other family members. Besides as long as HGH is available to the filthy rich and undeserving, abortion like flag burning will be a moot point that merely stirs up the laughably uneducated into a lather because they do not ask questions. You know the kind, give them a beer, or three, tell them a lie and you have created a "true believer".

I assume this punishing women attitude is, in some way related to her religious beliefs. So I have to reiterate my own beliefs and that women should be allowed to have control of their eggs. God made us in a nano second. (Some people prefer to think of it as a Big Bang. Is this a crude sexual innuendo?). And I believe that God can blink us out just as quickly. I also know that God created Natural Universal Laws that encompass Evolution (move, adapt or die) and the ways of nature so that He would not have to be bothered by minute and miniscule micro-management over the extent of the Cosmos. Part of that knowledge is that God does not make babies. Fucking creates babies. God gives them a soul, but the mix of the DNA from the parents is what gives the child its necessary and sometimes tragic abilities or disabilities. It is our spirit that is stirred with compassion to help these individuals grow and live or not.

Christ was a learned and educated man, complete with Universal Knowledge. If he were here now he would say, "Hey, wrap that sucker, there are too many people on the planet now. There are 6.5 billion of you, it is time to stop propagating the species." And He would certainly agree with alternative energies. Get your head together and know that you have dominion over the earth, not domination. "What you have done to your Mother the Earth, is an abomination."

I had no problem with Sara's stand on the NRA.  I, too, lived in Alaska and the animals of Alaska are some of the largest on the planet. Whether it is moose that can stomp you to death, a Grizzly who can chase you down and kill you, or the Polar bear that will hunt man for sport, you need guns if you live in Alaska. The criminals have guns and as long as they do, the population needs them. Do not forget that crime has gone up 200% in Britain, Australia, and Europe since they willingly disarmed themselves.  

I do have trouble with the two aspects of her future expectations from the DRILLING FOR OIL. What the hell? Does she not know that it will never reach down here to the lower 48 states for 10 or 15 years? And then it will not last more than a year. What the hell is the point?

She lives in Alaska and does not believe that Man's Carbon Footprint has anything to do with Global Warming. The glaciers of Alaska are down to 1/5th what they were 25 years ago. The people of Anchorage have to travel between 350 to 500 miles to play on their snow mobiles. She is married to an Eskimo. The Inuit people of Barrow, Alaska, state they have now seen Great White Sharks, barracuda and robins. They do not have a word for these creatures, they have not seen them before. The meltdown of the glaciers of the world are rapidly deteriorating and causing more and more heat.  The Inuit people further stated five years ago, that the climate had changed so much that even the animals were unable to understand the seasons. As the weather no longer marked the changing seasons.

Scientists know that Global warming is just as much man and his filthy quest for oil, as it is Mother Nature. Even though, Hannibal took elephants across the alps and fought with the Romans five hundred years ago in a minor meltdown. The samples of glaciers prior to now showed that some of the glaciers had been around for thousands of yeart.  Utze, the man found frozen in the Swiss/Italian Alps also indicates that there was global warming present 7 thousand years ago. However, now we know that jet fuel, teflon, and carbon monoxide are in greater proportions than ever before, being noted as toxic to the environment of the entire planet. Drilling for more oil is only perpetuating the Horrors of Oils' input to the massive problem. And it does not encourage alternative fuels and other alternative energies. The sun is free and does not need to be drilled for, nor does the wind, or the cold water electric alternatives. That is what the entire world wishes to harness. Besides the people of Alaska get money every month for the oil now, stop being greedy. 

Being investigated by the Atty. General's office for the wrongful firing of her former brother-in-law from his job, smacks of nepotism and egomania like Cheney. If he was so bad, why didn't the men who worked with him report it and his behavior be tracked and documented? Why did she only fire him when her sister got a divorce? If the man was as vile and out of control as she claims, then the Attorney General's office is derelict in their duties and should be investigated by the Feds. Bad is bad and wrong is wrong. The charges against this man if true, are scary and brutal and that should not be tolerated. Perhaps this will test the strength of Homeland Security against the people and the Governor of Alaska. That could be a whole can of worms that the Repugnants may not want to have opened.

Now her seventeen year old daughter has been "blessed with child" and they are planning a shotgun wedding really soon.

Then I heard the recording where she stated that, no, she had not been keeping up with Iraq as she is about to see her son deployed to Iraq. What is the message in that one? Is it because she knows that as Veep it would be too dangerous for her son to be there? Will he be out of the frey, by not going to where the danger is? Or is it just her lack of concern for Body Bags, because she has a beautiful mind?

No matter how I turn and look at Sara, I still expect to find a zipper in the back of her neck that will pop open and Darth Cheney will step out and say, "I told you I was the Dictator and I intend to keep my job."

Sheryl Jackson

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